Blossom globetrots for her 3rd album

Ruusa Ndapewa Munalye aka Blossom is far from done with music and is about make her music international with a 3rd album planned for December. Blossom who claims her unique sound has featured artists from China and Angola on her new 17 track album which is guaranteed to take her music to new heights.

She tells Vibe this week that she has been away from home, in China, for about two months and says she will be headed to Nigeria soon to study the local music there on her own. “I am sure my fans are now wondering what I have been up to but I have been writing songs close to my heart and recording songs here and there, and I am actually pleased with my new exciting album coming out in December, it is going to be a surprise, it’s sad that I can’t also reveal the name now but all I can promise is a whole different new feel.”

Blossom also hinted that she might add starting a family to her busy schedule soon, although she prefers to keep her relationship agenda private. The Komuthiya Gwomeya hit maker set with the Villager this week to give an update on what she has been up to.

Full Name: Ruusa Ndapewa Munalye

Stage Name: Blossom

Gender: Female

Occupation: Musician

Relationship status: In a relationship

You have been quiet for some time now, tell us what have you been up to musically?

Well, I have been working on my new album which is very exciting, but I can’t reveal a lot about that now, all I know is that it is going to blow everyone away. It was good that I have been away for some time now because I have taken time to write songs close to my heart.

What type of genres is the up and coming album made off?

It’s both local and international sound, just bringing a new feel and something fresh to Namibia apart from my usual Kizomba songs, and I am going to release the album in Europe ?rst, but I would say few tracks on the album are a house, including Afro pop sound, country sound. Apart from music, what else have you been working on? I am also working on launching my clothing line very soon though I cannot disclose much about that yet because it’s something new and only in the pipeline, but I have visited suppliers and retailers when I was travelling.

Rumours had it that you’re currently signed under Deal Done records, what in?uenced the move?

No, I am not signed to any record label now, Antonio is just my agent, he helps me a lot with my music.

Last time I heard you mentioned something about wedding plans, tell us more about that, who is the mystery-man?

Haha, lol, there is a sweet guy in my life yes, he is very special but I want to keep my private life very personal, but who knows there might be a little blossom coming soon, I will let you know when I know, but apparently as every person grow up they want to start a family isn’t it?

Who are the international musicians you featured on your album?

A girl from China named Li Bradley, Caddy from Angola and I will actually be going back for a performance in China with Li, the lady I mentioned above, without forgetting one of the best producers in the country, I have worked with Arrafath on my album and when he puts his touch on a song, all you can expect is ? re including Mr Glo as well as featuring an upcoming rapper Salvador.

If you were stuck in an elevator with Sally, Oteya and Promise and you were told the only way the elevator might start moving again is if you throw one out, who would you throw out to save everyone?

Lol, can I rather not throw myself out…

What are your favourite colours?

Gold and maroon.

Who is your local and international celebrity crush?

Toby Upindi, I know he is married, but it’s just a crush I think he is awesome and internationally, Tekno, that guy is just something else, his space in between his teeth makes him look so handsome.