‘Student politics’ left Amupanda

Let me start this by asking why does Job Amupanda always claim to leave something moments right before that thing leaves him? Amupanda fought tooth and nail to remain part of the SPYL, but now that he and his ilk saw he did not stand a chance in getting back.

He did what he does best by running to the media and declares that he is leaving ‘student politics’ when in fact it is the ‘student politics’ that is leaving him because he has failed it! Thus, this headline should read as ‘Student politics’ quit Amupanda. Let me remind you of another instance when Amupanda tried to play his ‘leave’ tactics but failed dismally. In 2015 when the Swapo leadership was about to axe him from the youth leadership, Amupanda quickly decided to ‘leave’ by resigning from the wing before their expulsion was made of?cial by the party by sending his resignation letter to the media.

He thought he was smart, but in the long run, his departure played heavily against him. Amupanda can fool those he can, but he can’t deceive the rest of us. If he were least honest to himself, Amupanda would only admit that he has dismally failed the youth the moment he lost focus and greedily tried to use activism to ?ght political grudges and revive his dying political career. If there is anything Amupanda owes the truth the most, it is the TRUTH.

And part of that truth is that there was no real agenda to improve the country except try to use a gullible section of the truth to ?ght personal political wars in their attempt to get them back in the SPYL. We all know how sneaky he can be, but the writing is so vivid on the wall for everybody to see. To completely disregard that and try to paint a different picture is not only treachery but an insult to a myriad of his youthful followers.

That’s why I found it laughable when the headline of the most biased newspaper in the country seemed to be nodding to his claim. This is why I have always maintained that majority of Amupanda’s followers are the less educated, misinformed and not so well read youths. Those who are well informed, educated and well read that follow him have sordid agendas that are in line with his, and that’s no question. Let me tell you something about Amupanda.

When he saw that people he had fooled were becoming smarter and learned about his agenda, he joined forces with the greedy and power hungry elite such as Desmond Amunyela, Armas Amukwiyu and others, fully revealing his true colours. Yes, you can kid yourself all day all night that Amupanda decided to walk away from youth politics because of his age when even you know the truth. His ilk and their hopes to be part of the SPYL leadership were outsmarted and buried at the recently held at SPYL congress in the Zambezi, which completely shut the door on him and anyone close to him. Who is he trying to fool?

After ?ghting and crying for the ‘student politics’ this whole time until to the point where he was spent both physically and mentally unable to resist any longer, he is trying to get his followers to believe that he quit youth politics. Let us be real for a minute, Amupanda did not quit ‘student politics’, it is the ‘student politics’ that quit Amupanda. Let us just be clear about that. It is the student politics that made him, the very student politics that he cried for, lest he forgot. He claimed to shift his focus on radical politics and serious issues.

If his followers were smart enough, they would ask how sure they can be that he will be victorious in his quest this time around. If he couldn’t get his way with ‘student politics’, what makes him think that he will manage in dealing with radical politics? Having failed to deliver the land he had promised, failed to win back his position in the SPYL, the truth is Amupanda is just an opportunist parody who hates on anything good or positive happening to this country.

He wants to see chaos and wants to see this country tearing apart simply to push his political career. Some of you might be wondering what as a columnist makes me sound like I know Amupanda very well.

Well, Amupanda is someone I know and have studied very well. For example, I would like you to check this out; on the 24 of March last year I wrote an open letter to Job Amupanda, who was a close friend at the time, to inform him of why I decided to disagree with him politically. The letter went viral via social media, though I intended just to remain friends on a personal level, it pretty much signals the end of our long friendship. As he always does with those that have the balls to disagree with him, he decided to cut all ties with me and declared me an enemy. This week, I would like to revisit that letter. It read as follow; Dear Job, I have chosen to intercept the release of The Conspiracy Against Dr Hage to pen this open letter to you. Over eight plus years you have been an amazing friend; supporting my projects, encouraging me to do what I do and making time for me whenever I need your advice. I still remember how Dr Diescho brought us together and made friends out of us during one of his lectures at Unam in 2008.

You and I stood out head and shoulders above our peers due to the way we challenged him intellectually. By the way, I was just a homeless student squeezing in his cousin’s tiny single room at Unam. That day led to long years of friendship and even colleagueship at some point. So, it kind of pains me to know that some of your political beliefs are straining our friendship at a high-speed rate. However, the fact is, what’s at stake is bigger than us. I want to begin this sharing of my genuine opinion by reminding you that I’m a scholar of African history, an Afrocentric individual with deep rooted Pan Africanism ideologies.

I wish to tell you what I have said before, In the 60s black parents formed committees in North London and elsewhere in England to combat the institutionalised racism inherent in the schooling system. What of the strategies developed was the provision of additional schools which covered traditional subjects but also provided curriculum materials that featured information about the history and cultural heritage of black people of African descent and helped students to establish and maintain their ethnic and cultural identities. And over the years many students bene?tted from it, I happen to be fortunate enough to be one of those. The problem is, I feel that you are losing focus of the primary ?ght here.

To name but a few of your unnecessary and backwards antics, it’s your obsession with Cde Mandela Kapere. My friends, both in the SPYL and AR, are saying there are so many comparisons between your rap and Malema’s, and I cannot disagree with them, Job. You can’t possibly want the young ones looking up you to live with that. You are a born leader, with an opportunity to make ground-breaking and historical revolutions in this country, but don’t compromise what I know is in your heart to do it. You are a smart, kind man who has built quite a base of followers in a short period.

Now, you seem like a one-man wrecking ball willing to destroy our nation’s foundation of respect for the elders. I’m probably the wrong guy to tell you to stop ‘the bullshit’, but I have nephews and nieces that hold you in high regard, Job. Stop fuelling ?res of hate. Don’t feed in the rhetoric created by small-minded people and those with a personal vendetta against the sitting President. Cease to be the mouthpiece of those still reeling with bitterness at the notion that Dr Hage became president. You’re smarter and certainly more loving than you let on. Some members of AR don’t like you any more than the current leadership of the SPYL, as they know you can’t be controlled because you are your own man. You have been many people’s champ in the past, but now you are becoming a major intellectual embarrassment.

I know support among ignorant youths is not easy to garner, but you can get it by being the man I have known for eight plus years. I hope that this moment of truth will ring a bell and it will not only temper your rap but remind you of the man you used to be. You are trying to bring about economic dignity to Namibians in a country build on freedom of choice, remember that the next time you call people names.

Let me remind you one of the essences of intelligence; choosing to differ intelligently. The minute you decided to target one group because they have decided to disagree with you, you have failed intelligence. I wish you good luck with the AR movement, but I’m sure as now know, our belief systems are opposites on many of the issues. Unfortunately, this has led us to be at opposite ends in our political views, and as such I will be publicly and rigorously disagreeing with you.

Whatever happens, I will still regard you as my friend (unless you decide otherwise) and will accept an invitation to your of?ce for a friendly chat and joke about things like every so often. With love, Chris-Paul Now that you have read this letter, you can see how Amupanda ?uffed his lines the moment he becomes part of the tribalist agenda to unseat President Hage. What has Amupanda achieved except sowing hate among the youth, poisoning them and teaching them how to disregard, disrespect and insult elders? What he nearly achieved was trying to make youths who support the current administration be like Marranos in Medieval Spain.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Marranos were the name given to Jews in medieval Spain, especially in the ?fteenth century during the Spanish Inquisition, who secretly maintained their Judaism while living as Catholics in public. There is, of course, no Spanish Inquisition in Namibia today or among Namibian youths to be exact, no one is physically tortured into confessing what they believe, and no one is being burned at stake.

But there is a good number of Marrano-like Namibian youths: youths who hold excellent views and support President Hage’s on social issues and those who voted for him for president. Because of AR and their constant verbal torture and name-calling of those seen to be friendly with Dr Hage’s administration, those who hold pro-Hage views rationally fear being ostracised by their peers, public humiliation via social media and ruined reputations. Under these circumstances, they have decided that coming out as supportive of President Hage and his administration is not worth the castigation and persecution they would suffer.

We all saw how Amupanda and his ilk launched a scathing attack on the SPYL congress proceedings and President Hage, going all the way to stake everything wrong with this country and how much of it is the President’s fault. From his team to anything they can suck out of their thumbs, reading the President out of the Swapo Party for his supposed reluctance to publicly condemn and prosecute the culprits in the missing SME Bank money.

Amupanda and others have stopped short of calling for impeachment proceedings, but have undoubtedly supported a palace coup, possibly placing Jerry Ekandjo to play Cicero to Dr Hage’s Julius Caesar. Let us not miss the bigger picture and the truth here, he can be a deceitful and conniving young fellow, but Amupanda has lost on all fronts. His naivety and spitefulness have caused him. Like they say, ‘intelligence is like underwear, it’s important that you have it but not necessary that you show it off.