Kapere’s sarcasm - rubbing salt on festering wounds

Did Mandela Kapere have to apologise for saying the truth seeing that nobody goes into an election without a strategy? Let us not pretend as if Swapo has no factions and that each faction is ?ghting hard to outdo the other.

Kapere’s faction’s strategy was putting dummy contestants to take up all the nomination slots, while the other faction’s strategy was ?ghting its way through the courts. One would be stupid to go into an election without a plan unless one does not want to win. This was a Swapo Party Youth League election for the powerful post of the secretary.

Some have used the position to wiggle their way through corridors of power. There are those who still die to go back into the youth league’s of?ce at whatever cost. Indeed, such people have spent their entire life plotting and strategising on how they can remain as the youth league secretary. If Kapere does not know [of which I doubt he does], that is how powerful that post is. It makes you become a board member and enjoy bene?ts. Is that not why the youth were ?ghting over who should be elected? They were not just ?ghting for nothing but their tummies.

As it is now, those who were thrown out of the system will howl for now until reality sank that their dreams and wishes are mirages. Kapere should even have felt sorry for rejoicing in the victory unless he was sarcastic. Has Kapere forgotten how he was called names by the other faction? Has Kapere forgotten about smear campaigns waged against him as a youth himself? So, why would even think about apologising as if he committed murder or any other cardinal sin?

In fact, Kapere should today be bold enough to climb the nearest hill and tell those in the vicinity that his faction [for there are factions in the youth league] had a strategy to win the elections at Katima Mulilo a few weeks ago. At least, Kapere did not say it secretly unlike those who meet in the dead of night to scheme and strategise on how to defeat the other faction. They meet, yes they do, and they met at Okalongo in the guise of a wedding.

They do not just come together to eat salad but to plot and plan. A little reminder - does any one of you recall what happened during the Nanso elections in 2015 where Sharonice Busch was played? Busch had to withdraw saying that she had been subjected to a ‘street ?ght’ kind of campaign. This is what she said at the time: “From the moment I launched my campaign my opponent’s supporters started de-campaigning me on social media.

“They blamed me for logistical blunders that were never my responsibility to start with, and accused me of having external forces as sponsors, and the list goes on. “The ?rst propaganda and dirty political tactics were nothing new, but I found the complete and utter chaos they instigated at congress unacceptable. “The level of disrespect shown to myself, and then the attempts to turn a Nanso congress into a circus is where I drew the line.”

According to Busch, it became clear that the election had taken precedence over the congress agenda and she had to withdraw for the sake of order.

“At some point, they called in former Nanso member Uhuru Dempers to calm the delegates, and he pleaded with them to get on with proceedings, and brought an end to the singing and chanting. “At that point, they [the other faction that was defeated at Katima Mulilo] had already created so much confusion and told so many lies, it became clear to me how the rest of their performance would carry on, so I decided to bow out,” Busch said.

Even the student who won that election Wilhelm Wilhelm admitted that there was chaos at the congress and that most of the youth misbehaved. “When diplomatic means fail, then we have to resort to other ways. Sometimes these things become necessary in the end. “The jumping and singing gave courage to others to speak out about how people had intimidated them and how external forces had approached them,” he said. He admitted that he also enjoyed external support, but claimed that his supporters never tried to interfere with congress proceedings, intimidate or pay off delegates

During the Nanso elections, in 2015, the defeated faction of the youth league, was enjoying the bene?ts, of the prestigious of?ce. They were at the forefront of instigating others to make noise and derided Busch. In fact, the Saturday of the election some of the youth league leaders then were braaing at the premises where the Nanso elections would be held. Wilhelm’s statement - When diplomatic means fail, then we has to resort to other ways. Sometimes these things become necessary in the end - speaks volumes of what the defeated faction’s strategy is.

One, they are rowdy on social media and in person. Two, they use assumed superiority to make others feel useless. Three, if they cannot have their way, then they sulk like pregnant women. The other strategy the defeated factions use is to run to the courts whenever they are beaten on their game. Still on the Nanso elections, two candidates - Felix Haingura from Kavango and Sylas Mungoba from Omusati - were barred from attending the congress after the faction used the students’ body constitution. The removal of the two left Busch with four regions after //Karas failed to attend. Nobody from the defeated faction apologised for the statements they said after the congress. So why would Kapere apologise - unless maybe he was sarcastic?