I know boxing better - Nestor calms down critics . . . as No Mercy Part 7 sets to roar to life

World acknowledged boxing promoter Nestor Tobias has been under critical social media sport-light this past week, but he says he understands his trade better as he prepares to set his boys on the fi re of what has been deemed the fight of the year dubbed No Mercy Part 7 on the 9th of September at the country club.

 “Nobody can dump the academy, nobody. We are the mother and father and mother of boxing in this country. You can get your titles, but there is no boxer bigger than me here regarding the brains behind boxing. I always make the right decisions, I always advise the fighters the right way, so they take the advice and go on to become the best boxers in the world, and that is what we are doing, me and my time,” said the boxing god.

Controversy seems to surround Nestor over Paulus “The Rock” Ambunda who reportedly left his camp raising some stink which the promoter did not take time to entertain this week as he announced yet what is likely going to be a heated fight.

Speaking to members of the media ahead of the fight at a press briefing, Nestor said the main bout of the night would tip Paulus “The Hitman” Moses against Saidi Mundi of Tanzania. The Hitman will be in the ring to demonstrate his boxing prowess in defence of his WBO Africa Lightweight title and speaking to the media; the policeman proved to be a confident braggart. “I was born fi t and ready and everywhere I go I have to shine,” said  “Chief Inspector” Hitman who has been in SA lately where he shared the gym with world acclaimed Philippines boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao’s trainer.

“It was a significant achievement to train with Manny Pacquiao’s trainer in the same gym, and I am very ready and fi t, come the 9th of September, it will be our victory,” boasted the Hitman who showed up at the promotion event in police gear which hugged over his bulky frame. Moses is ranked the fourth in the world under the World Boxing Organisation and his camp has said, “he remains impressive in his quest to get better at another world title shot.”

He has also been in Nebraska where he took the time to hit the gym after appalling hours of flight for the much touted Indongo-Crawford show-down which recently took place and whose memories are still fresh and lingering around. The much laid back but dangerous Sakaria “Desert storm” Lukas will be defending his WBO Africa Featherlight title against Uganda’s Mudde Rabisa, and the fighter has been acknowledged by the MTC Sunshine Promotion as the man to watch in his quest for the World Championship crown. “Every guy is good when facing another guy but put him in front of me and watch what I can do,” boasted the undefeated champion, “I have been in tough fights.

I am feeling great,” he jabbed. The defending Desert Storm is now rated fifth in the world, and he says his weight division is “tough and I know my time will come soon to showcase my boxing talent to the world.” Lukas has also said boxing had changed his life in many ways than he had expected, having come from the north to the neon lights of the city following the star which has brought him success under the Sunshine stable.

His piercing sharp but cold eyes burn with the hunger for glory, with19 fights at his back, all wins with no single draw, it would be interesting to see what the champ can deliver come the 19th.

The upcoming title fights will further see the resurrection of Jeremiah “No Respect” Nakathila who has also put his eyes on the ball aiming to bounce back into the prestigious and highly coveted world rankings. “I am looking forward to becoming an African champion again,” said the soft-speaking athlete whose memory of Russia where he came close to relinquishing his title last year is still fresh.