Noa must be serious

The arrest this week of the former Hardap chief operations officer Yvonne Boois by the Anti-Corruption Commission was expected. Boois had a fight with two others on Facebook a few weeks ago. During that fight, one of them said she would have her day in court.

A few weeks later, the ACC moved in to revive a case that had been lying in the freezer for years. Even then after making noise about the arrest, the Mariental Magistrate’s Court granted bail to Boois and all those implicated. This marks the end of the story. This does not mean that we want Boois to go to jail but that she should not be punished for the Facebook fight. If we are not mistaken, the court appearance is the to the case because the ACC has never been about fighting corruption but settling scores.

 If the ACC is about fighting crime, honestly with all the resources and those air conditioned offices we would not be still worried about the scourge. One would want to ask why the ACC remembered Boois’ case only after she had fought on Facebook. The ACC says they can only act if they receive a tip but there is doubt that this is the case.

Early this year, The Villager broke the story about the attorney general Sacky Shanghala had written to the ACC boss Paulus Noa about the bulk fuel storage tender. Noa denied receiving any such letters and until now he has not said anything about it yet the process to discipline those suspected of wrongdoing is underway. The other case is that of the SME Bank where the whole country knew what was happening and yet Noa sat behind the air conditioned offices without raising a finger. This is the reason why we still believe that Noa cannot do anything in as far as fighting crime is concerned.

He will call the media when he harasses people and then walks away. If indeed Noa can do anything, we challenge him to act on Shanghala’s letters and bring to book some of his friends involved in the bulk fuel tender. Last week, Noa said he would act on SME Bank. That only after, we believe, he had seen that there are players on the case. Even with other players working on the same case, the ACC is known for not being anything but a barking dog. Noa must be serious.