Wheelchair basketball tournament successful

The recently held Wheelchair basketball tournament at the Katutura Youth Center (KTC) in the capital has proved to be a resounding success than any wheelchair competition held basketball tournament before.

According to Bjong Magg, one of the organisers of the tournament the turnout of players and spectators was not what the organising team has expected to see. “I was very surprised by the turnout of the, we have had tournaments before, but this was fantastic.

By the looks on the faces of the player, you can tell that they were very excited and enjoyed it very much. We are looking forward to creating the opportunity to see more players join in on the games in future,” he said.

He added that most of the players had been involved in previous tournaments and they are knowing the game rules by hard although basketball rules take the time to get used to.

The spectators created an environment for the player to be tougher on the ball and attempt for more baskets to win The Villager observed. Teams that took on against each other in the tournament are Wheel- Ability Sports Clubs Legends; Wheel Ability SC Zebras; Wheel Ability SC Cheetahs which is a ladies teams and Oshana Heroes and Ohangwena SC which is a team of combined players of the two regions.

In the final matches that were played between the two giants the Wheel- Ability SC Legends beat Oshana Heroes by 23 – 22 points to take the trophy home. In an exclusive interview with The Villager newspaper Magg, said that there are plans to take Wheelchair basketball further.

“We need sponsors to come on board so we can select a National team that can compete in the international tournaments. I am sure that there is a need to get involve more players from all the regions as this will also boost the morale of all the players and personalities that want to be part of the team, I am happy with today’s games. Players are getting to the point of showing off their skills,” he said.

 He added that although the number of players is not yet many, there are hopes that the teams will be formed in other regions soon. The Villager understands that as part of the special rules, the wheelchair is considered part of the player’s body and a player must dribble the ball once every two pushes of his or her wheelchair.

 A player is considered out of bounds when a part of the player’s body or wheelchair touches the floor on or outside the boundary.  The offensive player has only three seconds on the offensive lane before a violation occurs and when any part of the wheelchair is in the lane, the count begins.