PDK on CD launches

Whatever happened to the love Namibian music enthusiasts had for album launches? In 2007 music lovers would be elbowing each other at the entrance to catch the first gaze of a local artist performing live, but now CD launches are every musician’s nightmare because no one comes out to support.

 This was experienced at the latest PDK CD launch which took place at the coastal town, Walvis Bay. The launch which was well marketed only managed to fill a few seats, just like Exit’s CD launch which took place earlier this month. The PDK went to the coast to launch their new album ‘Odikwa’ and admitted that Namibians do not like attending shows anymore especially; those hosted in open areas or community halls.

The Odikwa album launch hosted other artists such as Sally, Top Cherie and DJ Siya.

 PDK has been one of the biggest and most loved bands in Namibia; one would believe that attending shows at community halls and stadiums have become like bootleg jeans out of fashion. PDK lead singer Patrick Mwashindange told Vibe that, although they expected more people to attend they still had fun “I think the crowd was OK. I think people don’t like attending shows anymore but, the best way is to always travel in advance to the town where the event is being hosted just to do more ground work and because people prefer word of mouth this day rather than instructing someone from that particular town just to paste posters.”

Dion said people had lost interest in attending shows in clubs. “People don’t like to go to stadiums shows anymore, the only way to pull a crowd is by rather hosting something in a night club because people like to party till morning without hopping from one place to another.”

He further noted that at least almost 200 people attended their launch while explaining that the crowd that showed up had the best time of their lives. “Even If not so many people came we made sure to give the best performance, a quarter turned up, and I believe it’s a changing face that the industry is currently facing,” Dion said. Although the trio failed to fill up the Kuisebmond hall, the newly released 16 track album is now smashing radio waves and making headlines with the most jukebox great track ‘Onjema’. Kamutonyo, Kristian Andreas, said that they had not made a loss from the show because he had not expected the Kuisebmond hall to be full at its maximum capacity as it was cold and windy.

However, mentioned that the Walvis Bay show was just the beginning of bigger events, “the Walvis Bay show was just a kick-start for the other shows in other towns like Rundu, Katima Mulilo and Windhoek, bigger things are coming.”

He added that “The show for me was very nice, I had the best time of my life, Sally and Top Cherrie gave the best performance including DJ Siya, we cannot expect shows to be full anymore like in those years, things are slowly changing,” he said. Although Kamutonyo confirmed that the Trio would be heading to other different parts of the country for more shows, no date could be confirmed yet.