Exit CD launch snubbed

Despite months of hard work and expending energy into his latest album, Cum Laude, Namibia’s Kwaito crooner Exit was left in the cold last week as his fan base, and lined-up artists failed to show their faces at the launch.

With top flying artists having been invited to light up the event, only The House Guru Gang and the usual ‘Rockaz’ artists showed up, and the gaping silence and cold reception left more questions than answers. The night is cold, and I am rushing to Okahandja to witness the Cum Laude launch, driving at high speed just to make sure I get there in time.

It’s about 11 pm when I arrive at the venue, and we are welcomed by Oranjemund’s fi nest Emcee Zakes January who is also Exit’s promoter. As we drive through the Liverpool Stadium gate with so much excitement and high expectations of the event, I look at the terraces, and there is no one. I ask myself, are people still coming? While asking the guy, who was driving to double check the time, in case we might just be too early, as we continue driving towards the back of the stage where Exit and his crew are parked, I spot him dancing to his newly released tracks while waiting for the stadium to fill up.

 Although one can tell that the Rockaz team is quite excited about the launch, reality only begins to strike when it’s almost 1 am, and only one loyal fan is sitting in the middle of the terraces. As time trudges on into the night and no body shows up, I know the launch is already a fl op. Back in Windhoek as I reminisce over these events, more questions flock into my mind than answers. What could have gone wrong? Was it bad marketing, or is it simply a challenging year for Exit, previously, people would kill to enter a venue where Exit is performing, what happened to all the support?

Could it be the management team? Or who exactly is to be blamed for the low attendance? Although it’s hard to believe that Exit’s fans failed to attend the long marketed launch, one could tell that the Rockaz crew prepared with full swing to rock the night and give their best performance, from dressed to kill to set up the best sound and stage in the country.

After sitting in the car for almost 30 minutes with confidences that people might show up when the bars in the location are officially closed, we decided to drive to the site to pick up some drinks as there were no refreshment stands or food stands either. We took about an hour to get back at the venue. While driving back, I continue praying to find at least 10 people there.

 However, God did not answer my prayers. We drove back into the stadium there were two more cars parked; I almost got excited thinking that it was just a matter of time before the rest turn up. I was wrong; it was just 10 minutes before Exit came to the car saying “Thank you guys for coming but I don’t think anyone is coming, and the police already want to close the place, let’s get out of here.”

The young talented artist took a two-year hiatus, after releasing his sixth album ‘Black is Boss’. The album was available in almost every jukebox in the country released the Cum Laude album in June which was received well and played in every taxi that one gets in primarily a track titled ‘Oludalo Lange’.