Tissues and diapers for SPYL cry-babies, please!

After the High Court dismissed an attempt by Nashinge and SPYL health secretary Sioni Iikela to halt the implementation of decisions taken at a meeting of the youth league in May, a less curious thing happened. We saw that constant display of valour and gallantry went, and in their place were babies in diapers crying foul.

The losers as we have come to know them got to do what we have come to know them to do best; get whiny and cry foul. The ruling by Judge Shafi mana Ueitele was a funeral, almost resentful for Nashinge, Iileka and their anti-Hage ilk. It was almost as though they had expected a swiping victory during the dispute and once on the losing side, they had no script! Sure enough, once the shock of the ruling dissipated, the sharp tone of the anti-Hage returned to fill the vacuum.

As the likes of Iileka curled in a little ball like little girls whining in that sick sort of a cry baby, others such as Amupanda and Nashinge were losing control of their bowels. The same stupid sore-loser phenomenon we have seen in the past was happening again. Now they are so vexed at the justice system, criticising it yet it was the same justice system they had praised and applauded when it ruled in their favour during the Swapo Four saga.

Dissimilar to the petulant chirpy vibe of their Swapo Four victory, the Nashinge and Iileka are peevish and cantankerous, seizing on any opportunity to criticise and insult the justice system. But you see, in a way, they were robbed.

They were robbed of the virtue of the victim and the helpless underdog. Their worst fear is to lose or to be seen as losers by their less informed followers, and once that happens, they lose not only their minds but control of their bowels too.

The charitable way to view this is fear and covetousness over hard-won gains. Perhaps this loss was so unexpected that their owners are terrified that the country will forcibly revert somehow and re-establish the dominance of interests that they believe conspires against them. But it is more likely a more ignoble combination of having modern views and panic. The forces that gave likes of Affirmative Repositioning movement’s momentum coalesced around grievance rather than vision. There is no proper agenda, no genuinely thought-out project that these guys could soberly set about executing, just resentment.

And the grievance narrative must be amplified and continued in failure because that is pretty much the whole energising principle. That’s why they are finding the fact that the judge delayed giving his reasons for his ruling is an unfair and suspicious process. Their next move is now to distract the public by attributing their failures to sabotage and fraud so that supporters who were animated by their sordid desires and prejudices, rather than rational argument, will inevitably continue to view the country through that prism and therefore welcome the diversions with relish, locked in a battle with an opposing side that has been defeated and is inanimate.

As for me, I would encourage the supporters of Veikko Nekundi and Mandela Kapere to extend their fight against the vanquished side even after the battle is won as victorious troops to stalk the battlefi eld still, kicking the corpses of the dead. These guys can’t be trusted, and it’s been their plan all along. From the moment Jerry Ekandjo lost to President Hage, a plan was hatched to cry foul in everything for his significant loss and use it to hamstring Dr Hage’s presidency. Always a hive-mind, anti-Hage in and out of the media could be counted on to do their parts, and they’ve done just that.

 But what started out as a few near-riot protests to keep their base angry and nationwide land grabbing have morphed into a slow-rolling coup. That strategy had been set within twenty-four hours of Dr Hage’s victory. From that, the idea that horrified those who were tribalistic during the campaign, a non-Oshiwambo speaking person might become president, became the first salvo in what would become a sustained war against the duly-elected President. Since coming to the fore with their agenda of fighting President Hage, a right size of the media dutifully has gone over and above its duty to the cause. We can all see just how journalists became “woke” to the cause and blew past reporting to a level of propaganda activism.

There has been enough embarrassment and publicity to go around, but none have be clowned themselves more than folks at The Windhoek Observer. All they do is whine, twist facts and misquote people. But the work isn’t just a clown show of reporters fumbling basic facts and shunning logic in its continuous pursuit of a Namibia’s own Jacob Zuma; it’s a sordid set agenda by the owners of the publication. It’s the PR wing of the anti- Hage’s so called “struggle.”

 After years of repeating other administration’s spoon-fed talking points, they media now gleefully report anything that might damage Dr Hage’s administration for that sake alone. Just like last week, in a story about the Politburo Verification Committee, they singled out National Council Chairperson Margaret Mensah-Williams. Even though there was no news value in it; they simply took out portions to present out-of-context in their pathetic attempt to hurt and embarrass the Chairperson. Meanwhile, they have been covering every agenda driven rumour as though it were true in try to hurt the President and anyone close to him.

 All of this is done to hinder President Hage’s ability to get anything done. In typical fashion, spineless Swapo leaders are keeping their distance and shying away from calling garbage what it is. They are keeping their distance knowing there has been a wiping aside of journalistic standards in the pursuit of President Hage, with many stories needing corrections and even retractions in publications such as The Windhoek Observer. With a small staff of only a few myopic and robotic reporters, The Windhoek Observer newsroom is a placed where all decency and integrity is erased, in them outrageous vendetta and absurd biases set.

It is a shame overseeing a newsroom leaking like a popped water balloon where all that’s missing is the disgrace, but that’s nowhere to be found. How do you work for a lie machine as The Windhoek Observer call yourself a journalist? How do you sleep at night, can you look at yourself in the mirror and see what you have become?  Affirmative Repositioning  have been promising to deliver land and they’ve done next to nothing ,  aside from participating in playing the lead in the attacks on President Hage or remaining silent where it there an opportunity to make a progressive impact. Why they are crying foul now is the fact that even they know that their assiduousness is dwindling because our awareness or possession of the facts has improved when it comes to their lies, propaganda and what their real intentions are.

Our knowledge as to what motivates them or how they can be prevented, has improved and a great number of the youth is getting wiser and they are not as ignorant as before.  We know that in the past few years they have established an infrastructure of hate and tribalism promotion, it has been established and incorporated into the mainstream if you would ask me.

The social media, radio shows on stations that broadcast nationally, columns in traditional newspapers, networks and relationships in the press have all provided a platform for their deplorable ideas and despicable agenda. They have friends in the media whose jobs have been to use their positions to carry their sordid plans.  Even at a time when people are most vulnerable to reactionary tendencies, all their propaganda and creation of chaos in the country is feeling disembodied.

There is something about the new wave of the youth; they are no longer as gullible as before. Young Namibia is no longer easily getting fazed by the power-hungry looking for cheap publicity. They now have that endurance to remain steadfast in their beliefs and spirit with the expansive, shock-absorbent soil of it, creamy texture that rejects simplistic incendiary rhetoric that they are trying to feed them. I don’t think this is only because the youth have an opportunity to listen to hear to diverse ideas, it’s also because the young people are a complicated bunch.

 Everyone seemed to have their own ideas about something and preferred to stand by them. There are many platforms that allow the youth to place their ideas and stand for them no matter what.  Not to say that it is entirely devoid of ideological dictators who are in the business of trying to shove their biased ideas and agenda down the throats of to others and appoint themselves as their think-tanks, the youths are for enjoying an independence of thought and ideas, encouraged by one’s choice of association. There is a broad spectrum of ideas to blossom even in the political sphere.  What we are starting to have among the youth is a sentient defiance with that composite of thousands of individuals choosing what to imbibe, digest, what to use for energy and what to discard from a wide range of information.

 As I said before this is not to try and claim that a section of the youth is still not susceptible to the influence of those with a sordid agenda and propaganda to turn the masses against their own government for their own selfish benefits and gratifications, particularly agents such as anti-Hage, but at least we are no longer being bulldozed into a one sided theory. We are becoming more vigilant against incendiary rhetoric, so much venom has been poured our ears on a daily basis, provoking and trying to normalise anti-establishment behaviour.

The likes of Amupanda and others have tried, whether it is via hate speech or social media, and that might have the swayed moods of certain quarters of the youth, but majority are taking cues. We know hate upsurges when complications are flattened.  It thrives in straightforwardness, it reverberates in hollow spaces, it echoes off a fl at surface.

 All bravado gone it is cry-babies now. Now that the High Court last Friday dismissed their attempt to halt the implementation of decisions taken at the meeting of the youth league in May, they failed to decide with dignity and are rather resorting to finding excuses. How do you feel now that Nekundi shall proceed with the implementation of resolutions and decisions taken at a meeting of the SPYL central committee on 13 May? 

The other youth leaders who thought they were too smart and boycotted the meeting now are losing their minds, and frustration, and maybe regret to,  is killing them.  They can’t take the fact that the declaration to support President Hage’s bid for the presidency of the Swapo Party shall be endorsed by the SPYL now. Kapere’s nomination shall not only stand, that man is sure to become the next SPYL secretary I can tell you that. He is a very smart and eloquent young man with experience.  Here is how these hypocritical cry-babies demonstrated that they are very ignorant.

They claim that Kapere’s nomination of as a candidate for the position of SPYL secretary is inconsistent with the SPYL constitution, were they consistent with the law when they voted Elijah Ngurare in as the head of SPYL when he was 36 years old in 2012? The cry-babies were acting out of frustration and vengeance not out of reason and fact. 

They were just ridding the media attention, and their narcissism prevented them from realizing that they lacked facts and real grounds for a strong argument in court. They were claiming that not all the regions were represented at the May meeting without checking the facts. Because out of 47, 37 central committee members were present during the meeting, and the cry -babies could not see that or just ignored it.

That’s what you get when your interest is just to try to disrupt progress and your focus is merely that publicity in the media. Those who are honest can tell on what basis Kapere was selected and that his nomination is legitimate. Now it’s time for the cry-babies to tighten their diapers and respect the democratic outcome of the meeting and stop digging their own political grave or face imminent extinction.