Beauty and the beasts  a tale of Sune Januarys struggle to save the Rhino

Miss Namibia, Sune January has dared leave the pomp and magnificence that comes with the crown of beauty by the way side and has sought to rather dare join the fight against rhino poaching, a very twisted and dirty war playing out in Namibia's wildlife. 

Having this week graced The Villager Entertainment to share a bit of her wit and dash of privacy, the soft speaking model was more than forth coming, and went deeper into her world of flattering secrets, beauty and grandeur.

“Ordinary girls have extraordinary dreams,” she begins with a tincture of charming pride and firmness,” I wish to save the rhino with Namibia's mean teams and also combat poverty with my relief fund program, 'Your change,1 dollar at a time.”

A model of dreams and realities, Sune affirms that beauty in the sense of pageants makes a huge difference as it allows young women a platform to make a change in their country.

“Being Miss Namibia 2017 makes people realize that dreams do come true. 
I would like young girls to look to me and say:" Well, If she can do it, I can do it too!" she says.

Born in the breath of Namibia’s clime and blest by the captivating glare of its magnanimous sunshine, Sune’s beauty is a pure reflection of what Namibia stands for as she proudly asserts,” I'm Namibian. We are rich in wildlife.”

With such plenty a natural treasure, she rightly declares her conceding of equal citizenship with the now endangered Rhino, the Elephant, the Kudu and the ever prepossessing flock of the feathery fraternity which flies the huge expanse of our skies.

“We are one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We rely heavily on our tourism industry and we definitely house a lot of animals that we are proud to have,” she submits.

The obligation to save the rhino from the under-world mafia-web that connects across the borders, Sune says, is a fight which every noble Namibian should rightly shoulder.

Firm in speech and determined in spirit, she tells The Villager Entertainment that,” I feel responsible as a Namibian to look after our animals. We should all take care of our animals and environment. If we don’t do it, who will? It is our responsibility and I would like to lead by example.”

With an economy that is already in crises, budget cuts being the order of the day as the race to save the fiscus gets heated, an inadequacy in funds continue to strike the Achilles Heel of the Ministerial efforts to fight back marauding poachers.

Yet Sune is grateful, “The anti-poaching groups are doing their best with the government even though the country is in an economic crisis. This just shows their commitment and dedication.”

 Having thrown her lot with the Intelligent Support Against Poaching, she says she will be hitting the national parks very soon. 

“I want to be remembered as the Miss Namibia that made a global impact on saving an endangered species. I want my dollar project to uplift Namibian status and for us to lead by example that poverty can be eradicated,” she holds.

Basking in the positive glow of her grandfather’s inspiration, Sune says she has a soft spot for novelist-cum-lyricist Paulo Coelho with his books Brida and The Alchemist being her favourites.

“He's such a prolific spiritualistic writer,” she smiles.

In her spare time, you can find Sune turning some pages from Ken Follet’s Whiteout, Joseph Finder’s fantastic read titled Paranoia, Alan Titchmarsh’s Rosie or  Glen Meade’s Web of Deceit.

 And she is a lover of green tea with a slice of lemon and we wont forget, “Her rooibos tea without milk.”

Removed from the bourgeoisie settings of town and city, Sune’s secret steal-away is by “The Rehoboth Tower” where she plunges in the peace of the outlying environs which come with “a magnificent view.”

“This is my favourites place.,” she smiles, “When I'm not working out, I enjoy the peace. I would sometimes just pray or cry or do both. Its very therapeutic. I enjoy my alone time.”

 And if she is not there, she is either hanging out with friends or having BBQ with family.

Asked whether she is vegetarian or not, the svelte beauty queen smiles through the exploding glow in her small eyes,”  I love my steak & biltong! I can't picture myself missing out on this part of life yet!”