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Namibia e-sport players performance outstanding?á

Fri, 4 August 2017 16:25
by ?á Rodney Pienaar


The Namibia Electronic Sports Association (NESA) hosted an international friendly competition for FIFA17 and Open PS4 competition in collaboration with Mind Sport South Africa E-sports over the weekend in Windhoek.


 This was the fist ever online FIFA match against South African national players and a total of 10 contestants took part along the country’s recently selected two national players in the competition.


Namibia Electronic Sports Association, Treasure Salome de Bryn reiterated that Namibian national player’s have displayed an outstanding performance in all the matches they played against their opponents.


“Our players did an excellent job they out performed their counterparts. E-sport is a fast growing sport in Namibia and we are at a point where we will be inviting Africa national players for friendly games more, as we are already put Namibian esport players on the African map and soon enough the world map,” She said.


She added that as a way of consolidation the two Namibian national players Rashaad Matjila and John Walenga were to play against Ghana’s National players but due to unforeseen circumstance the actual matches could not take place but matches were played against South African national players.


Matches were played against South Africa’s Players Khahliso Malepe and Gordon McCormack with the score between Matjila McCormack ending at 0-0 and between Walenga and Malepe 3 – 0.


 “We are vey proud of the boy’s performance as they have shown great discipline and determination throw-out the matches. E-sport is one of the most challenging sport that one can find as it needs a minds 100 percent concentration,” de Bryn said. She added that NESA would like to thank all the sponsors for making the competition possible and more sponsors are willing to game on board are welcome as there will be more international games played. 



The Villager understands that after the establishment of the first local e- Sport national team, Desert Sidewinders, where Namibia took on South Africa’s Protea in a online test match at Defence of the Ancient Two (Dota 2) NESA has been hopeful of gradual growth which it hopes will lead to more competitive matches with opponents in Europe and America.

 NESA was founded in 2010 and it organized various e-Sports leagues and the Namibian National e-Sports team and it was closed in 20112 due to lack of community interest and participation.


However, e- Sports is a wide trend originating form the 1980 ‘s casual gaming competitions and events have taken place before establishment of NESA which contributed towards the recognition of e-Sports in Namibia before establishment of NESA which contributed towards the recognition of biggest gaming competitions since 1980.