Done Deal signs Salvador

Done Deal Record founder Antonio Dragan is currently branching out of Windhoek to give opportunities to aspiring music stars beyond the city bounds, and one of his first catches is a coastal artist Salvador (23) Mouers, who is a multi-genre musician. Salvador has been an active musician for seven years and has been signed to Done Deal Record for only two weeks.

When he spoke to The Villager Entertainment, he said that he hopes for nothing but success with his new label.  “I have been doing music since 2010 and have always been an underground musician, the thing about Walvisbay is that it’s very rare that one gets the opportunity to get exposed to the market, firstly, event organisers don’t even take us serious there, they tend to offer musicians N$500 or less for a performance,” he explained.

Adding that he has identified potential investors within the town that he believes are capable of being the driving force to the successful profitable industry but trusts to be blinded by greediness.

“In order for musicians in small towns like Walvisbay to get their music out there and gain the necessary exposure, you need to be based in the corner that is the sad reality, but if we could work together with the people that are able to invest in our art in the town, we would not be hustling to get our music out there,” he said.

He tells The Villager Entertainment that Antonio contacted him while he was in Walvis and offered to sign him to his label after a try out he performed for producers in Windhoek.

“After Monique English scooped a couple of awards at the NAMA’s I called her after few days congratulating her and I called her again on a different day just to check up on her, because we quite have a good relationship and we have worked on a couple of projects together, and jokingly, I actually asked her if she could introduce my music to Antonio and she agreed,” he said.

Although Salvador said he immediately jumped onto a bus on a Sunday morning and made his way to Windhoek. “I am happy to be here and can’t wait to release my album under people that I have been looking up to for many years, finally, I am able to work with the best producers in the country and I would gladly say that it was not an easy ride,” he said.

Salvador is working on a 12 track album which is scheduled for release later this year. He said, his road to making a name for himself has not been easy.

 “So far I have recorded four tracks already, three with Araffath and the other with Mr Glo and I am very much excited to work on the remaining ones” “I want to sing anything and everything, whether its kwaito, House, RnB you name it, I want to bring a different sound to music that has never been heard before but if I had a choice to focus on one sound, I would be doing the Neo-sound”, he said.