Mutorwa calls for financial assistance

Agriculture minister John Mutorwa has called on government and the private sector to invest in the Namibian Veterinary Council (NVC).

Mutorwa made these remarks at the appointment of the new board members of the NVC in Windhoek on Monday. According to the Minister, the council is faced with funding challenges. “We all know that sometimes, one can have a good strategy aimed to drive the economy but if there is no money not much can be done,” he said.

 Mutorwa explained that although the council gets funding from his ministry, more could be done to assist the council in carrying out its daily functions. He said what the Veterinary Council gets from the Ministry’s annual budget is not enough.

 “If there is any Good Samaritan out there who is willing to share their portion, it could really help a lot. If I was rich, I would probably be giving a monthly fee,” he said. The NVC, whose constitution or composition as well as its actual appointment is provided for in Section 5 (1), (a), (b) (i), (ii), (iii) (iv) and (v) is being publicly announced and officially inaugurated. Although Mutorwa stressed on the lack of support from, he applauded the outgoing council saying that they had worked hard during their tenure.

“The government, through the MAWF, hereby convey and extend our deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to the first NVC, whose term of office, is officially ending today, upon which the new and second NVC will assume office, upon and after their swearing in ceremony,” he said. He further urged the new members of the NVC to make themselves familiar with the content and context of their law and the countries Act in general.