Deliver a coup de grace to traitors

There are only two sides to this issue. Every Swapo member must be for the administration or against it.

 Given what is happening in the party at the moment leading up to congress, there can be no neutrals; only supporters who double up as patriots and or detractors who double up as traitors. In a number of leadership positions in the regions, a number of detractors-cum-traitors have been detected who are really working for a despicable and sordid agenda that we have come to term as ‘anti-Hage’ and perhaps the biggest is none other than Swapo Oshikoto regional coordinator Armas Amukwiyu.

In the event when the ruling party is dispatching teams to the regions to investigate allegations in the district and regional conferences,  it’s time to deliver a coup de grace to some political careers. In its 27 years in power in this country, never before have we seen so much need for investigations of regional conferences as we are seeing this year.

 This only seems to spell one thing, that there is a cancer in the party, as quite a number of regions riddled with allegations of violations of the party constitution. This like never before, has seen a serious need for the party to dispatch teams to the regions to go and conduct investigations into the manner in which district and regional conferences were conducted. 

Serious violations of the party’s constitution have been at play, including the issue of vote buying.  I will be the first to agree with Kazenambo Kazenambo and others who think it’s always very dangerous to treat as traitors to those who tend who think differently and opt for a different opinion to the collective. Except the only problem is that those who are trying to ‘think differently and opting for a different opinion’ are doing so not to the benefit of the party but their own.

  All facts before us about these people prove that they are a conniving group of power hungry and greedy traitors prepared to stoop to any level absurdity to realise their ambition to seize power and wealth. For the past several months or especially in the last few weeks if you like, the fight to push for their agenda, especially in the regions has reached a feverish pitch.

The party’s unity, the party’s cohesion and legacy continuation are under serious attack, and I could not take the time to write about it. I needed to fight it, and hard. I don’t see the need to say nice things anymore, expect the need to call such people what they really are.

 I don’t worry about offending people in this column anymore, it’s time to up and fight those that are being a threat to the future of this nation. In my years of existence, I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.

  In that sense, it’s OK to be rude to make a point. I can put it to you that among the best traitors this country has ever had, Armas ranks at the very top, a massive obstacle in the path to much-needed unity and cohesion in the party at the moment. He is in indeed Traitor-In-Chief, who has been a force at the regional level to ward off threats to their agenda’s security and influence. The strategy is to first destroy the Presidents’ friends and afterwards himself, and then bring a puppet of their own choosing to contest for party presidency by their false means and lies they may make him hate and destroy his friends, and cherish his false traitors.

The investigation of all these sorts of allegations during the regional and district conferences is one way we can cleanse the party of traitors. It must not only end at the nullification of results but wrong doers must be brought to book and strip the proud nobility of their bloated pride, reduce them to a level with plain party members, send forth to the Swapo school to be lectured about the party’s constitution and we will thus humble proud traitors.

When we cleanse the party of them, the problem will be simplified a lot. Traitors will have no one to contact, their followers they will be left without informers and be left with no choice but to abandon their cause or cease in existence altogether. No apologies should be accepted because we all know that an authentic apology is a tricky thing to pull off in politics, which is why it so seldom occurs. Which is why many politicians opt to deny and ensure that plausible deniability must be preserved at all times. A true contrition is difficult to be displayed; therefore traitors to the cause must immediately be jettisoned, that’s the best way we can stop the bleeding of the party.

 Most of all, the goal is to bring back unity in the party and to do that we need to get rid of the traitors who have managed to penetrate into crucial positions of the party. The party must eventually get rid of the likes of Armas, the only people we know who have actually committed any wrongdoing are those trying to send puppets of their greedy and power hungry agenda to congress. But I know the party can’t just lash out and do it, though it is well within its political and moral right to do so.

No, it got to do it cleverly, with cunning, in a way that shows all unity loving members of the party exactly why it is not a witch-hunt but a eradicating a flaming dumpster fire of division in the party and contempt for its principles and integrity. Now there is need to set the stage before pulling the trigger and delivering a coup de grace to ‘candle in the wind’ political careers of people such as Elia Ngurare, Job Amupanda, Sioni Iileka, Imms Nashinge and the likes.

 The party needs to do it so that party members will see and understand why ending this cancer is so absolutely necessary to preserve the party principle and protect its constitution, despite the mainstream media’s best effort to hide the truth and present traitors as people with a “different opinion”. The party needs to seize the initiative and pull the plug on these people’s careers who have an enemy from within.

Through these incessant conniving and divisive ways, they have demonstrated a complete lack of both integrity and discipline. Some of them seem unwilling or unable to exercise any kind of leadership that benefits the party in a positive and progressive way or to instil a culture of seriousness and impartiality. The continuing misconduct of their out-of-control, ever-expanding tribalism and racism demonstrates that people like of Armas must be relieved of command.

Armas is a man of limited intellectual abilities and is overly credited (wrongly so) as a Swapo regional coordinator who played a huge role in catapulting President Hage to victory during his campaign, has sold his soul to the lure of riches. He has completely lost focus of what it is to be a leader for a greater good and embarked on a greedy pursuit of money. That said, maybe the message to the President should be that it is hard to tell who has your back, from who has it long enough to stab you in it.

 Armas is nothing short of a Benedict Arnold at best and Judas Iscariot at worst. Defecting your support for someone for the betterment of your people is one thing, but for your own greediness is definitely another, and that’s the only box that can accommodate Armas. Despite continued talks of being involved in business with the likes Desmond Amunyela and Lazarus Jacobs, his reason of association with these anti-Hage agents is sordid and despicable.  It appears that the money that Amupanda used to constantly accuse him to have accumulated using his political connections has not only enslaved him but blinded him as well.

For choosing to side with those hell bent on tearing this country apart after falling out with the President because of nothing but pure greed on their part, Armas demonstrated that he is nothing short of greedy politician interested only in accumulating as much money as possible right now in the time of relevance. I have come to grips with the fact that no president on the face of the earth will ever please all the people in his country. For good or bad, it is part of what makes us human to hate on something we don’t understand, but it makes us horrible humans when we hate on someone simply because they refuse to dance to your corrupt tunes and filling your already full pockets.

What we need to do is stand firm in our belief and  refuse to be fooled by them greedy and morally corrupt who have long been eating from their political connections and are now trying to monger fear among us simply because someone has chosen to stop them in their greedy tracks. For the first time in this country, we see a President turn against those with aspirations to be the Guptas version of Namibia and capture the state. The President is simply driving the message that it doesn’t matter who you know in high offices and who you are connected to politically, be it him or some other, from now onwards the Namibian resources shall belong to its entire people.

There shall be no entitlements. That’s why these detractors-cum-traitors are angry now and stooping to the lowest levels not to only hang on to a shred of relevance, but to dirty and destroys good reputations that have taken years to mould. For one thing, the whole Governor Endjala scandal is an Armas led AR set up to harm the credibility of a man who has done great work in his region for the President. Everyone who is known to be a hardworking, loyal and dedicated man supporting President Hage becomes a marked man by the Anti-Hage propaganda machine. They were dealt a massive blow in Omusati Region at the conferences, so they decided to resorts to all sorts of nasty tactics to harm the Governor.

 The use of women such as the Teckla Iimbili is part of their pathetic strategy to because they know they can’t compete with our truth and principles, installed into us by President Hage. They have gone from trying to use anarchy and chaos by inciting lawlessness in the process of illegal land grabbing countrywide, to trying to get into people’s private conversations and try to use them against them.

Armas has to go, the sooner the better, but the party must first set the stage and make sure that common party people understand exactly how much of cancer this guy has been before it acts. But the party can’t act before it makes the case. Sure, the media will empty its bowels in horror at this and scream “which-hunt,” but normal people in the party will read it and understand because there can be no “which-hunt” where the likes of traitors like Armas are concerned.

Armas has refused to follow the reasonable order of his elected superior to refrain from destructive elements that are proving to be a hindrance to the good governance of this country. I think the party should be able to toss him and his band of hacks into the political dustbin, the same dustbin Ngurare is currently finding a residence. Yeah, the media will melt down, but normal and progress loving party members will shrug, and President Hage will continue doing the job we elected him to do without distractions.

Clipping Armas’ wings are the ultimate goal of very straight thinking and progress loving Swapo member, it is a legal political activity. To pull off their unbelievably dangerous and destructive congressional coup, the conniving bunch need Armas strategically positioned. Some politicians are itching to get rid of Armas, but they are cowards and are being controlled by fear of voter backlash.

By appealing to the people and making their case to them, the party will ensure that the people will tell their elected representatives just what will happen to those harboring congressional coup and then the coup will sputter then peter out in pathetic failure, much like John Nauta watching Sex N The City at midnight without his Viagra. Pardon my French.