Anti-poaching efforts hampered by lack of financial resources- Shifeta

Environment and Tourism Minister Pohamba Shifeta has said the ministerial efforts to combat rampant poaching of rhino horns continue to be dealt a blow by inadequate financial resources.

“Our poaching efforts are hampered by a number of factors and one of them is a lack of financial resources,” said the minister.

Shifeta was addressing, in absentia, professional hunters, art experts and members of the fourth estate at a Franco Namibia Cultural Centre art event organised by the Hunters United Against Poaching movement.

The event also saw the warm reception of world renowned French sculptor Ge Pellin who landed in the country to make use of art in the campaign against poaching.

Pellin will sculpt together with Namibia’s Ngave Kambezunda a life sized rhino from a block of a Karibib marble which will be sold in the campaign to put an end to the illicit trade in the endangered animal’s most sought after horn.

“It gives me great pleasure and renewed hope to see that our anti-poaching efforts are being supported across the society,” said the minister. Shifeta reminded the nation that the fight against poaching “is not for government and should be fought from all fronts by the people of this country.”