ÔÇÿI am going to fight till deathÔÇÖ - Shitana

Shambo musician Frederick Shitana who was arrested last month at Walvis Bay for impersonating a police officer in an alleged extortion and fraud incident and released on bail recently told Vibe that, he will continue to fight against piracy till he dies.

Shitana, who also claims to have been arrested unfairly, allegedly employed his friend Ismael as a private detective to masquerade as a police officer to extort money from people who were pirating his music. He further, raised concern over the lack of support from the Namibian Police Officers saying that, “People that are supposed to be walking the same direction with us in protecting our bread are the same people that are plotting against us when we decide to take matters in our own hands.”

Shitana who further stressed that police officers are not doing enough to assist musicians with  illuminating piracy also revealed that he was arrested unfairly noting that, he followed the NASCAM act that allegedly states that music owners are required to assist the regulatory body with holding the culprits accountable for committing the prohibited crime. While explaining on how he ended up behind bars, Shitana said that, “I went to the CD shop to claim back what is mine and its surprising to know how people don’t know how much money and time we invest in just releasing one album and for someone to make more money from another person’s sweat and sacrifices it’s not fair.

 He added that after explaining the situation to the police officer on the day of the incident the officer allegedly told Shitana to rather go look for a job if he feels that people are stealing his music.

“Why don’t you go look for a job rather if this is not working out for you, what does he mean I should look for something else if music is what brings bread on the table, even though the police has stood in the way because they were protecting the CD shop owner, this will not be the end I will still continue,” he said, while adding that, bar owners and CD shop holders should be aware that whoever gets involve in piracy should be ready to pay a fine of N$10000everyone to know that I will come for anyone who tries to take what is ours till the end of piracy in Namibia.

Shitana was recently released on an N$5000 bail and his next hearing is scheduled for the 3rd of August. According to Shitana, he has informed the Namibian police on several occasion about the increase of piracy activities however could not receive any response nor action was taken. “I have reported up to five cases about people copying our music and I have gone at the police station to follow up but every time I go there the dockets are always nowhere to be found, now until when am I going to be opening up cases and nothing is being done, I don’t think there is anyone who would leave their house to go take action on my behalf,” Shitana stressed.

 Although Shitana was in police custody for a couple of weeks, he further revealed that he has released a new single titled ‘Exwikilo yambo’ which means sacrifice. He then concluded saying that he did not want to open another case that might not be taken serious however, decided to sacrifice everything through taking the matter in his own hands.