Katwitwi tender re-issue

The Katwitwi Business Park Phase 3 Project tender under Tipeeg has been re-issued for the third time.
The tender was first advertised last year but had to be reissued for technical and financial reasons.
The project, Code 4173 under the auspice of the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Offshore Development Company has repeatedly been put on hold and the extended.
Originally, it closed last year on 28 November after receiving three bids from Goro Investments, Guinas Investments and a joint venture from Okumwe Construction and WDL Consultants.
The scope of works of this tenderer entailed the construction of ware houses and site services.
The first round bidders did not make the cut as there were alterations to the tender documents.
The document now requires SMEs to form joint ventures with experienced contractors since part of the works includes electrical, plumbing and road works.
In its reissue on 14 February this year, bids were received from a broader audience but it was noted that two of the prominent Chinese construction firms were lured in handing in their bids as the tender had been reissued.
In what seemed to be the tail end to this tender story of the Katwitwi Phase 3 project, a reissue has been advertised with a closing date of the same tender 6 March 2012, making it difficult now to determine if the previous 12 bidders in the previous reissues did not meet the criteria of the tender or were deemed void.
In another development, Katwitwi Border Post Phase 4 bids were cast for technical bids and closed on 21 February 2012.
The Katwitwi Border Post Phase 4, which is a housing compound for Ministry of Finance, is being done by the Ministry of Works and Transport.