Unlocking the secrets of Elvo

Namibia’s own legend producer Elvo Diergaardt aka Dr Mavovo who is an active producer with over 20 years under his belt this week told The Villager Entertainment that he has relocated to Rehoboth to rebuild his career in music.

Elvo has worked with countless local artists such as The Dogg, Gazza and many other international artists like Cabo Snoop, Brown Dash, Bojo Mujo, Bricks, Biblos and Nigerian artist like Naija Boy.

Elvo who is originally from Rehoboth said he had returned home for almost a year and a half now adding that he has managed to attract a new client base, however, continues to produce for his old clients in Windhoek trough his long existing Lash Attractions record label. Celebrity unplugged exclusively caught up with the Rehoboth based well known producer who opened up on his ventures while giving us the lighter side of his personality.

Full Name: Elvo Diergaardt

Stage Name: Mavovo

Occupation: Producer

Relationship status: Private

Give us a short background on your music career?

I come way back, was in the music industry since the 90’s, I was actually an artists at first and I don’t think many people know this but I belonged to a band back then where we had performed in places like Europe, however, in 2002, I managed to establish my company ‘Lash Attraction music’ but later changed to Elvo studio in 2010.

You have been quiet for some time, what have you been up to musically?

I moved to Rehoboth and I am staying here for almost two years now, I am loving it here, in fact this is my hometown, when I need to work with a couple of artist that requires me to be in Windhoek, I travel because it is just near or some artists would actually come to Rehoboth, and I am currently working on many projects with many musicians like Jericho.

After relocating to Rehoboth, has the movement not affected your client base?

Not at all, it has actually brought me closer to my people, there are so many upcoming artists in my hometown that are talented and doing music and I am most of the time up and down from Windhoek to Rehoboth working.

Are you planning on releasing an album of your own anytime soon?

 Soon yes, but I don’t want to talk much about that, I was supposed to release an album in 19998 already but things did not go as planned.

When you are not doing music, what do you do?

I am an old school type of a guy, I would probably just be watching movies but I can’t say there are times I am not doing music.

Have you started a new family, are you in a relationship currently?

 I cannot say much on that, the only thing I can say is that I have four kids so far, I am human yes but I don’t want to touch on that a lot, I haven’t come to a point where I can say I am planning on getting married yet.

Do you enjoy what you do or simply just doing business?

 I definitely enjoy what I do; music is part of who I am.

If there was something you could change within the entertainment industry, what would you change and why?

People should learn to do music the professional way and bring value to the music and also respect each other and those who have worked hard to shape the industry to where it is today.

Do you think newspapers, radio and TV are doing enough to help uplift the industry and artists in general?

Definitely, they doing enough to promote local content but more can be done.

According to research, last year you had the opportunity to attend a workshop with NASCAM alongside other producers in South Africa, what have you picked up that is different from here?

Unity, I am not saying we don’t have unity here I am just saying that we could do better in terms of working together to build the industry.

What is your favourite food?

Anything cheesy, I love cheese.

Who is your celebrity crush locally?

I can’t point out people and then later on I am being asked about that person, nah let me rather not say anything.