Fighting Hage is fighting Namibia

Ok, let me throw down this marker: Dr. Hage Geingob is superior to the rest of his critics in every significant way, we should aggressively back him over our enemies of progress, and the guiding principle of our domestic policy should always be Namibia’s interests.

No apologies. No equivocation. No doubt.  So the verdict: Those who are anti-Hage can’t deal with a president who takes Namibia’s side. What a miserable week it’s been for anything anti-Hage. Not that they’ve had too many good weeks of late, or month for that matter.

 But for the likes of AR, Elia Ngurare, Imms Nashinge and their it’s been deliciously bad and a whole hell of a lot of fun to watch and read about. The week was capped off by Ngurare’s laughable results at the nomination for CC candidates in the Kavango West. After days of breathless campaigning, the former leader of the Swapo Party Youth League was shown why he should not be misled by Facebook comments and likes from his less informed followers.

What more do you want to ask and what questions do you have? Well, if you’re a normal Namibian, you won’t have any questions; these truths are self-evident. But if you’re a regressive about the President’s efforts, you’re gonna have a little sissy snit fi t like so many critics are with regards to his policies and administration. There’s one thing that always sets anti-Hages off and that is telling the truth that Namibia is best well run country in Southern Africa and Dr Hage’s actions are its greatest manifestation.

Critics still insist that we stop believing our lying eyes and start believing the anti-Hage liars and their sordid agenda. Except our eyes aren’t lying, and now we have a President who won’t lie either. It makes them cringe with frustration, it makes them go nuts. They are no doubt losing their collective mind.

So, while President was addressing an excited crowd of proud Swapo elders in Omusati, reciting manifest truths like the fact that peace is the height of human achievement and worth fighting and dying for, the anti-Hage were their usual conniving selves, lying and distracting. Planning and dictating the movement of their ‘brown envelopes’ that seem to be their main source of influence and suasion.

 It’s what they do and what they know best, but I can tell you Ngurare’s  humiliation was the least embarrassing thing that has happened to the anti-Hage camp in the last few days. In the Kavango West Ngurare’s favorite apologist and AR’s top fl unky Paulus Mbangu was flapping his lie hole again, but this time declaring his love for President Hage! We all know that confusion and frustration can make people do uncharacteristic things.

 Now that is what lead to that screenshot about a conversation in which someone was appealing to moneyman Vaino Nghipondoka to not only keep the brown envelopes coming but to ostensibly increase their weight. The frustration of many critics of President Hage Geingob, is palpable and growing. Some are becoming more highbrow by the day and utterly out of touch with rankand-fi le distractors, which is a particularly bitter pill to swallow because they believe they are the main architectures of trying to make this country as ungovernable as possible. 

 Some are obviously disgusted with everything about President Hage, from his demeanor, his charisma, his combativeness, his ability to stick by his principles and tons more. Their revulsion blinds them to anything positive. They are so invested in trying to find failure and fault in him that they can’t stomach rooting for him even when he’s advancing progressive policies or fighting those dedicated to obstructing them.

The most interesting thing at this hour should be the fact that their unhealthy Dr. Hage obsession compels them to present evidence every passing hour to justify their opposition and disgruntlement. I’ve seen their ire and experienced their snobbish condemnation on social media and beyond. It has become personal for many because they apparently view progressive Dr.Hage supporters as frauds and sellouts.

They attack their character instead of considering that their calculus is that President may advance this country to greater heights more successfully than presidents before him.   What AR, Paragonuptas and their entire ilk don’t seem to grasp is that rank-and-fi le Swapo members, as with the elders, largely support President Hage.

They aren’t mortified by their brown envelopes that and refuse to allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Most President Hage supporters are not cultists who are blind and indifferent to his shortcomings and mistakes, but nor are they soiling themselves in agony over them. They have not betrayed their principles in supporting and defending Dr. Hage. They are not hypocrites for cheering him on against the plethora of propagandist assaults.

 They don’t root for Dr. Hage because they seek revenge against the corrupt, as some have wrongly supposed, they do because he is a principled man who wants to bring corruption to its knees for the betterment of the large Namibian public. So when they try to use their biased newspapers to declare war on President Hage, they are declaring war on Namibia.

 Their war on the President and Namibia is ongoing, not some one-off offense for which we seek redress. Dr. Hage’s supporters see a bigger picture here; they see greater stakes, bigger hills to die on. They support him as the real and best hope to save Namibia or at least bring it on the path of prosperity. They’re behind him because they believe he is attempting to turn the country around and, in many cases, succeeding. They are ecstatic that he is standing up to the corruptly political connected and fi ring back, so they aren’t going to be overly exercised over his every shortcoming.

 He is filling the enormous void in government created by feckless politicians and commentators in the media on the right who have refused to show the will to strike back against those trying to loot Namibia.  People need to understand that we can’t let this county go to the corrupt. They need to understand the damage done to our founding principles, values, traditions and mores and the harm inflicted on the Constitution and rule of law by the contingent  of corruptly political connected  and their assault to the resources of this country. For them, politics is a matter of petty partisanship and gigantic opportunity to loot the country.

It’s about capturing the nation’s resources for themselves and their children. They see the urgency, and no amount of highhanded judgmentalism from those of us whore are fearless enough to call them by what they really are going to shame them for their hyperbole and hysteria and shame them into denial. And when some ministers in this country refuse to specify whether they are harbouring intentions to challenge President Hage at the congress or not, we know that confusion and moral relativism have made their marks.

We recognize conniving acts, intellectual and moral anarchy. Dismiss this as unreliable irrelevancy at your own peril, but I put it to you that any honest observers of what is going on in this country will tell you that we see such incongruity every day. Their agenda is rife with it, their Whatsapp and Facebook groups to their press.

 So in my Final Thoughts let me speak directly to President Hage’s supporters. If anything that has already happened at the primaries are anything to go by, we can all agree that politics is indeed a very dirty game, especially in times of election.  With that chapter now almost closed, time now to focus on the ultimate price. Time now to devise ways to sell your position to the known delegates to the congress for November. It is now a contention between those that believe in continuing the legacy against those trying to unfairly deny President Hage a second term.

As one cadre put it that “It is about issues now. Established traditional continuity versus elections for all positions come congress.” The challenge is now to come up with strong arguments in support of your ideal outcome, the need to infiltrate layers of opposition all the way to reach all delegates or participants. Bear in mind that both positions shall only need a simple majority of votes.

 It is so imperative to drive the message that President Hage is currently on the right path, there is a dire need to convince and lobby all the delegates to the congress why is it important that President Hage gets his second term so he can fully implement his vision. One of the cadres proposed a constitutional amendment that elections for top four positions are confined only to the deputy positions, which are promotable in the event the full positions become vacant.

This wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, but I don’t thing now is the time. We know that two out of three are not only crucial but do make for constitutional amendments and whereas ordinary motions carry simple majority. We have learned from time a past that there is nothing with trying to influence a congress in a certain direction provided that direction is based on a robust ideology and principles. We saw how ugly and how dirty some played in the fight to elect regional leaderships, and they shall continue with their brown envelopes strategy to the very end. So it is time now to devise ways to work towards the goal of getting the President’s endorsement at congress.

Call me what you will, but there is no other fitting candidate at this stage that should stand against Dr. Hage. I don’t mean that in a way of disrespecting anyone, it is just a fact that Dr. Hage is the most qualifying at this stage and the next five years. 

 American rapper Jay Z said “men lie and women lie but numbers don’t,” so needlessly to say we can only win with numbers made up by men and women. Just imagine the harm this will do to or good nation’s reputation if a good president like Dr. Hage is unfairly prevented from getting his second term by the power-hungry and the greedy? It will damage the country’s name because it will simply mean that corruption and tribalism has won. It will mean that we have been defeated by corruption and tribalism, that our values have been.