Mabuzza takes on film industry

With the competition in the fi lm industry, Fillemon Hafeni Stefanus better known as Mabuzza has found his place with a new fi lm called ‘Shortcut’. Mabuzza, who first debuted as a Kwaito artist, has also turned to acting to lengthen his profile in creative works and this week he spoke to The Villager Entertainment on his new music video.

 When he first started music he was signed under Gazza Music Production (GMP) where he was a backup artist for other bigger names such as Black Sheep, but later moved to work with Young T’s record label. He has now moved to diversify his skills in the film industry and is planning on releasing another fi lm before the end of the year as well as working on his first album titled ‘Survival of the Foetus’. Although the 28 year old actor seems to have seen a bright future within the underestimated fi lm industry, he revealed that he is still pursuing and pushing his music career to the next level.

With a brand new video out recently titled ‘Onjokonona’  and so much passion, one would believe that, the young artists is definitely back with a bang stating, that he will be focusing on getting his newly shot music video played on international platforms like Mzansi and Trace Africa.

“The video is out but not on NBC yet because I want to make sure it plays on Mzansi and Trace Africa first before it can be aired on our Namibian Broadcaster,” he said. He further told Vibe that he also has a record label,  where he is currently working with prominent talented artists under him, he said, “I now have a record label called ‘Anti Spirit’ and I will be dropping my new single together with the album before the end of July this year.”

While speaking confidently about his new music video, Mabuzza further revealed to The Villager Newspaper that the name of another upcoming new single is titled ‘Sobiso’ while describing it as a song with strong lyrical content.

“I have actually realised that going solo is always the best choice as many record label owners seem to only concentrate on their music while living the other artists under them with no album or any sort of material to present to the audience, but I was under strong and two of the best record labels in the country, which means that I have managed to learn one or two things from the big cats to run my own,” he said.

When asked about how his record label is going to make a difference in the music industry compared to the rest that have been established and vanished in thin air, he told Vibe that his label is pretty different form the rest as Anti Spirit mostly focuses on bringing back the faith of young street talented artists.

 “Growing up in Wamboe lokasie, those streets have taught me a lot and through my record label I would want to be the helping hand of many aspiring artists out there, because I know how the struggle is trying to get a song out there, I am not only focusing on myself but people from the streets,,” Mabuzza stated. Mabuzza who has been in the music business for more than 14 years further also expressed enthusiasm over a new series that he has featured in saying that it will be screened by month end.

 In addition, he I also planning on going on a fi lm screening tour at different schools in different regions just to give a glimpse on what the Shortcut fi lm relate to as well as inspiring young Namibians who has fallen into the Ghetto lifestyle to change their lives.