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Netball gone to the dogs!

Fri, 23 June 2017 08:49
by Kelvin Chiringa

Namibia’s netball is limping from a  lack of corporate funding yet the leadership of the sport itself has been riddled with intense politics, jalousies and personal vendettas which have come in time to rub salt on the lacerated wound, a source close to Net Ball Namibia inner  circle has disclosed to The Villager Sport.

 Information coming from within the upper echelons of the Sport’s leadership structures has it that the President of Netball Namibia Lydia Mutenda even snubbed a sponsorship event organised by an emerging corporate from Walvis Bay that has opted to come to the rescue of the beleaguered sport.

The source disclosed that this has fuelled negative energy as the Netball President had been made aware of the sponsorship but rather appeared uninterested to be a part of it. Attempts to reach the Committee of the Netball League through a certain Alma were also met with a demoralising apathy as she never showed up.

When contacted by The Villager Sport to explain why the committee had not showed its face at this once in a while kind of sponsorship event, Alma said she was not aware of it. “I have no idea about this, when was it?  Why won’t you contact the P.R.O?” she charged before promising to send the said Public Relations Officer’s contact details. Calls to Mutenda went unanswered until the time of going for print.

The sponsorship is courtesy of Africa Deli which has organised the Dinolo Super Netball Tournament slated for the 24th of this month at the Khomasdal Sports Complex with winning prizes of N$200 000, N$1 500 and N$1 000. The finals will come to life on the 30th of September 2017 at the

Swakopmund Sports Grounds with winning prizes of N$15 000, N$10 000 and N$5 000 while both events will bring together team from all over the regions.

The Sponsorship package is also Africa Deli’s marketing strategy to introduce its flagship Dinolo product which brings to Namibia a first of its kind easy to prepare pre-cooked Matangara package. “This is for us a chance to bring the girls together but it seems there is no interest from the leadership. They like imposing themselves and cancelling social leagues sponsored by private people.

This is killing the sport, Netball used to shine back in the days but because of jalousie, personal vendettas and these politics nothing seems to happen,” said the source who spoke on condition of anonymity. However the sponsorship only attracted the faces of Netball Coordinator Charlene Minnaar and Erongo Region Sports Officer Mara Kandjiriomuini, who expressed enthusiasm for the sponsorship as a first positive step towards reawakening netball which is almost gone to the dogs.

 “I am very excited about this because netball has been dying. I think this sponsorship and tournament will bring netball to another level. The trainings are going on. I know that some players are involved in social leagues, they are rather quiet, we do not hear much about them,” said Minnaar.

Kandjiriomuini also enthused, “I am very excited, in the Erongo region netball is neglected especially by the companies, and we do not get any sponsorship. God bless Africa Deli, it’s a good way of marketing their Dinolo brand. Everyone will participate in these games and they are free. It is a very golden opportunity.”

However chances are likely that the tournament may not receive the fullest and enthusiastic support from the sports leadership, said The Villager Sport’s source due to its record of tussling.

 Meanwhile the Herero leagues continue to flourish in the regions via private sponsors who according to the source have to ignore certain directives from above which always seek to disrupt the leagues which are, like soccer, seem to be the only events keeping the players busy.