20% completed on road upgrades ÔÇô Fillemon

The construction and upgrade of roads to bitumen standard of Section A, Swakopmund to Henties Bay road is progressing well and it is at 20% completion the Manager of Corporate Communications, Hileni Fillemon at Roads Authority of Namibia (RA), told The Villager. According to Fillemon the fi rst phase of construction starts from Swakopmund to Uis via Henties Bay and it is 186 kilo meters long and it’s further sub-divided into two sections.

“Section A is from Swakopmund to 20km past Henties Bay which is 90km long. This section is under construction. Section B is from Henties Bay to Uis and it is 96km long. Construction of this section has not yet commenced. While the Section B is under detailed design and 80% of the design is completed. The Construction of Section B has not yet commenced,” Fillemon said. She added that this section MR76 Henties Bay to Uis and Khorixas is part of the Harambee Prosperity Plan road project, MR44 & MR76 from Swakopmund to Henties Bay; Uis ; Khorixas and Kamanjab.

The Villager understands that this project road consists of the Main Road 44 and Main Road 76. It stretches from Swakopmund to Henties Bay (MR44) along the western coast of Namibia and continues to Uis along MR76 then to Khorixas and ends at Kamanjab in the Kunene Region and the total length of the project is 402 km. The contractor for phase 1, Section A is the Road Contractor Company (RCC), and the contractor for the phase 1 Section B is yet to be appointed. The next phase to be constructed is phase 2,
Section A which is from Kamanjab to Khorixas approximately 105 Kilo meters in the Kunene region. This phase 2 Section A will commence once phase 1 Section A is completed or once the RA, has secure funding agents   The Villager learnt. Fillemon reiterated that once completed, this road will link the Western part of Namibia Erongo region to the northern central part of Namibia as well as the Oshikango Border Post to Angola in a safer, cost effective and shorter way.

“It is expected that the upgrading of the project road to bitumen standard will have a signifi cant positive outcome on these towns. Potential socio-economic growth for rural areas in terms of improved mobility and accessibility to markets, business areas, schools, clinics and other socioeconomic centers with the provision of public and non-motorized transport opportunities; Potential for regional economic growth as a result of increased socioeconomic development opportunities; the provision of an upgraded road for the surrounding communities, that will contribute to improved and enhanced accessibility and mobility and subsequent improved socio-economic well-being,” she said.

She further noted that this road will be stimulation and enhancement of promotion and development of tourism in the area, thereby contributing to growth in the tourism sector and subsequent growth in the contribution of the tourism sector to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), of the country as a whole. The project will also boost employment of local people and SME contractors during the construction of the road, The Villager learnt.