Mutorwa appoints first Water Regulatory board

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) John Mutorwa has appointed the first Water Regulatory of Namibia (WRN) board of five members who will collectively bring skills and experience in water services issues including costing, calculating prices or setting of tariffs and assessment of the operational efficiency of services providers.

WRN body is also to deal with issues of water management; water engineering; finance, trade and economy; business management; social science and environmental management including water conservation, this follows after cabinet decision on the MAWF minister’s submission on 23 May, Mutorwa revealed at the inauguration ceremony of members of the WRN board.

“Prior to the legal establishment and subsequent operationalization of the water regulator, in terms of the act and its regulations some of the important functions the Water Resource Management Act number 11 of 2013 assigns, in term as of section 12 thereof to the water regulator are mainly executed in terms of section 7 of the NamWater act of 1997 section 7 of the said act , succinctly state that NamWater shall have the power to determine and levy in consultation with the minister , tariffs on full cost –recovery basis for water supplied,” Mutorwa said. He added that the board needs to sit and work on issues which the board has deal with on a daily basis.

The Villager understands that the functions of the WRN are to determine the tariffs of fees and charges, or maximum tariffs of fees and charges that may be levied by a water service provider or other supplier of water including the state, for the supply or distribution of water and provision of waste water services and other associated services that are payable by license holders for the abstraction of water or discharge of effluent or supply or re use of effluent; to set after negotiations and by agreement with a water services provider or other water supplier the operational targets to be achieved by the water services or supplier during a specific period including targets as to the level and standard of services and to monitor the performance of water services providers and other water suppliers and evaluate their efficiency with respect t achieving the operational targets. The Minister may prescribe requirements and procedures in relations to the matters relating to water regulators.

“A requirement that water services providers and other water suppliers are to make submission to the WRN on proposed tariffs and operational targets and the identification f water service providers and other water suppliers that requires making submission,” he said.

He further noted that develop and prescribe a pricing policy for services in the water sector which sets out norms and standards for fixing of tariffs of fees and charges for those services by the water regulator. The five members that were selected out of 80 applicants are Joseph Iita as chairperson; Natalia /Goagoses; Petrus Maritz; Olga Katjiuongua; and Luther Rukira as members of the board respectively