Upcoming artists on radio favouritism

Local upcoming artists have not made it a secret that getting songs on air is still done on a who-you-know basis, which results in some unknown artists getting little time on air.

The artists have said that, radio presenters tend to promote the music of those they know and preferred the artistic material of well established artists to budding musicians. Speaking to The Village, the new kid on the block Tangeni Kid Mario, who surprised the nation when he won an award at the just-ended Namas, said that to be able to get exposure in the entertainment industry one need to have a good relationship with the people in charge.

“When I fi rst took my music to radio stations, it was hard for them to play my songs because they don’t know me. So I had to go through certain people I know to get there but as time went by, they eventually started playing my music continuously,” he explained.

He further admitted that it is also not easy for the upcoming cats to get their music aired as many are able to meet the radio stations’ requirements. “It is quite a challenge in the beginning but once you’re in the system your good to go,” he said. Santa Paper Dot Com from the group ‘The Dot Coms’ also shared the same sentiments saying that radio stations need to play local music more.

“To be honest radios play a lot of these guys who are already in the game as compared to how they play local music. “It is very diffi cult to get our songs played on Fresh FM they hardly prioritise local artists who are really pushing hard to get the sound out there they would rather play their friends songs,” he said.

He added that sometimes the albums and the CDs are just left there without being attended to or loaded on their system, something that needs to be done at management level. Nasho Wangozi from the House Guru Gang had a different view saying that radio stations are doing enough to promote local content although it was also a hustle to get their fi rst album played on air.

“Radio stations now have programmes where they totally focus on local content which shows that there has been an improvement compared to the past but they can still do better, our music was played a lot on Kavango stations and that is how many people started requesting for the songs on different frequencies,” Nasho said.