Opening the scars of Cassinga

A young man has done a documentary titled ‘Cassinga Introspection’ about the Cassinga Day massacre that took place on the 4th of May 1978 in Southern Angola.

Sonny Amutenya used paintings and sculpture as well as animation from the Independence Memorial Museum as well as interviews with those who survived. Inspired by the amazing history books he read in school, Amutenya, who owns Knockout Production, told The Villager Newspaper that he remember reading an article that was talking about Cassinga day survivors last year. Some of the survivors visited sites in Angola.

“I wanted to go with so that I am able to fi lm the trip but because of funds implications I could not go with but I had already started with the fi lming of the documentary by then.” While explaining how he decided to shoot the documentary, Amutenya said that he had approached few people to assist him with the project including the Swapo Youth League and assisted him with getting in touch with legends such as Nangolo Mbumba and many others.

“I got a crew together that I could work with on the documentary and the Swapo youth League assisted me with getting all the survivors for the interviews, a guy called Ander Nevel also helped me a lot and Veikko Nekundi,” he said, adding that few people gave him a helping hand on the project to be able to complete it. According to Amutenya, it has always been his passion to do something of this sort although funds remain the main challenge.

“I am planning on raising funds to be able to turn this documentary into a real movie that people can actually relate to the main event, so hopefully by next year, we would have raised enough to kick off the project,” he said. The launch of the Cassinga Introspection will be taking place on the 3rd of May Next week at the Gutenberg Centre in Windhoek and the tickets are going for a N$100.

“I would also like to do screening in different towns and schools just for everyone to have a clear idea of Cassinga Day and the tragedy that happened on that specifi c date just for kids to also learn the faster way rather than reading it,” he explained. For the love of capturing important events and moments Amutenya also said that he would like to do more documentaries on social issues in Namibia with the aim of creating awareness among the youth.