Eenhana reveals N$43 million capital project plans

The Eenhana town councils through a consultation breakfast meeting with local businesses last week revealed its N$43, 8 million town development plans in its capital projects plans for the financial year 2017/18.

Eenhana is going to be home to the Northern Namibia’s largest convention facility that will have the capacity of 600 to 1500 people the town’s plans revealed. In the ending financial year, the town spend N$10 million on the construction of water, sewer and roads services for 170 erven in Ekolola for phase 1.

The town also spend N$6 million for crop field’s compensation for residents who had been resettled to make way for construction. Eenhana will an additional N$5, 6 million for the construction of the town’s fi re station.

For the new financial year, starting in July for local authorities, Eenhana will spend N$26 million for the servicing of an industrial area, N$4,7million in the extension of council offi ces for the first phase, N$8,5 million more for construction of series at Ekolola phase 2 for 200 erven and N$1 million will be spend in the surveying of about 600 plots. Despite the upcoming projects, Eenhana chief executive officer, Walde Ndevashiya told the gathering last week Friday that, the municipality is also faced with fi nancial challenges due to the budget cuts.

“We are not spare by the current economic challenge that is facing the country and the world all over. There are a number of projects we planned to implement particularly in the current fi nancial year however we did not execute some of them, we were pressurized to re-prioritise and put some of them on hold, to be able to accommodate within the limits of our fi nancial resources as possible but we managed”, Ndevashiya said.

Ndevashiya emphasised that Eenhana’s driving force is in property development especially in housing which has been the most investor attractor to the town, and he said that the town cannot contribute to mass housing without serviced land which is why the town has approved for the serving of land in the town. Eenhana Town plans to double the cost in its capital projects for 2018/19 with a projected N$87,9 million expenditure envisioned for that period.

For 2018/19 the town projects that it will spend as much as N$50 million in the servicing of the new CBD northern of the town, spending N$1,2 million on surveying about 600 plots, spend N$12 million in the second phase of the council offi ce extension, surfacing of Mandume Ndemufayo street is project to cost about N$5,7 million, while the construction of the hospital market is set to cost about N$2.5 million.

The construction of 15 SME industrial stall, the construction of phase 5 of the convention city and the construction of the second phase of the Greenbelt development is set to cost a combined, N$16,5million. The town also revealed that several private investors will bring business activities to the town with the construction of three shopping malls, a hotel, three fi lling stations, houses and offi ce blocks, “as a town council we are there to create a conducive environment for the business people or any other development partners coming on board to be able to meet the opportunities.

That is our mission”, Ndevashiya told the gathering. He also said that “When the town was proclaimed Eenhana only has 626 plots of which 70 were business erven, however currently there are 4200 occupied plots of which 1900 are informal and 2300 are formal serviced plots. In 2015/16 we embarked on mass land planning while others were talking about mass housing. If we do not have land we cannot talk about mass housing. We are sitting experiencing a shortage of serviced land, and the council has embarked on a mass land planning program which has already started with 10 000 plots being approved”.

Also speaking at the consultative meetings, the Town’s Mayor Amos Nangolo said “Eenhana is growing very fast, not only in terms of infrastructure development but we have attracted a number of investors and developers who have created a number of employment opportunities. We are experiences exponential growth especially in the housing sector. All this development did not happen by chance but it is due to our constant focus on the implementation of our strategic plan”.

Nangolo said that as council it believes the business community is the driving force and back bone of the town which is why it tirelessly works to ensure that it creates a conducive environment for businesses to fl ourish.

“It is encouraging to know that most our local SMEs are investing in the local economy my expanding and upgrading their businesses. Last week we commissioned our new traffi c light. The fi rst ever in Eenhana,” he said.