Rapist demand bail

Robert Indombo who raped a brother and sister – both minors - in 2008 is demanding bail.

Indombo of Wanaheda was arrested for raping the boy first in 2008 and then the girl later in September 2011.

He was arrested soon after and has been in custody pending investigation of his case.

However, when he appeared in a Katutura Court last week, Indombo demanded that he should be given bail.

“I have been in custody for a long time and I want bail,” Indombo told court.

The magistrate could only transfer him from B-court to A-court where his case will continue.

But the father of the two minors objected to his bail demands saying Indombo was likely to repeat the crime.

He was warned to return to court on 16 March this year before he was returned to the holding cells.