Winkler steps in new dance direction

Nikhita Winkler, a Namibian choreographer and dancer, has taken her art to another level by providing a platform - dancing in high heels without breaking a leg.

With dancing being unrecognised and not prioritised in Namibia, Winkler told The Villager that, she is currently teaching on how to dance at the College of the Arts and also trains individuals on how to dance at her swaying club on a monthly business. Perhaps what keeps Winkler moving is her passion for art, through passion she decided to pursue her dreams and went to study dancing in the United States of America where she obtained her experience before coming back to Namibia to pass on the talent to her fellow citizens.

“People used to advise me to pursue dancing in the USA because they believe that there is no market in Na mibia but I believe that the market is created and there is a lot to do here,” she said. She is one of the Namibian women who have managed to turn passion into a career despite the challenges experienced in the Industry.

Winkler said, “I have been dancing since I was three years I have always loved to dance, after working for a cooperate company for a while I left my job to focus on dancing full time which was the hardest decision I had to make without knowing whether I am going to make it or not. Just the day after I left my job, I got an offer to teach at the College Of the Arts and I am happy because I am doing what I love.” She further noted that people are always afraid to make sacrifices and follow their dreams without knowing what is in store on the other side of life.

Winkler who can twist the arms and legs on any given rhythm believes that anyone is able to dance but rather need to develop the passion and confidence saying that, “I have trained many people who believe they can’t dance but I always tell people when they come to the studio that they must throw the ‘I can’t dance’ believe out of the window and see what happens after they have tried.”

Winkler who has done wonders to bring back women confidence through moving them hips and legs has also told Vibe that, “People always limit themselves through the mind, some people may believe that they are unable to move but then they have the rhythm, we do so many things to our bodies like smoking and drinking but forget about what the body really needs.”

The entertainer has taken part in huge events such as the Windhoek Draft Festival and the annually Mrs Namibia competitions. She also believes that as a Namibian dancer one should not just be a performer but rather someone who is willing to get their hands on every opportunity to stay relevant as the industry is quite seasonal