Windhoek steps up low cost housing

The City of Windhoek is going to construct close to 80 low-medium cost three bedroom houses in the Khomasdal Extension 16, in an effort to contribute to the housing problem in the city.

The city has already been approached by some Windhoek residents who are in need of housing and have been placed on a waiting list for the completion of the construction. According to the Spokesperson of city, Lydia Amutenya the houses will be constructed on a joint venture basis.

“The city will fund this project from its own financial sources. The city will develop houses on a joint venture basis with the Namibian owned company known as the Oluzizi Engineering and Construction in partnership with AMIBEX a South African company. Land on which the houses will be constructed has already,” Amutenya said.

She further noted that this will be the pilot face and the city is looking into extending the project to some other locations within the city if the current pilot phase is a success. The Villager understands that houses that to be constructed will be low to middle income houses and preference will be given to persons that are on the waiting list of the city housing applications.

“This housing initiative is thus long overdue and will go a long way in debacle of housing supply. The pilot phase is an initial stage that will enable the city, in future to garner capacity in the housing construction sector. At this juncture, the city has no direct construction team or department under its employment tasked to carryout out housing building work,” Amutenya said.

She added that the successful buyers will therefore upon signing the three deed of sales be provided with the housing plan as provided for by the construction company. Concurrently with the above initiative, the city will continue to explore opportunities to improve and increase the supply of serviced land and eventual housing development.

The Villager understand that that there is a notable willingness from various institutions and members of the business community who are expressing their willingness to help the City of Windhoek in the quest to resolve the challenges in housing demands, and with renewed hope the city is optimistic in embracing realistic efforts aimed at reliving the housing backlog.

“An effort is also underway by the city to gauge the level of interest from developers and financiers to make pro posals to the city for providing affordable housing solutions, and financing thereof same,” Amutenya said. However the city building plans for 2016 statistics shows that the number of building plans approved but the city increased by 7.4% in December 2016 compared to 122 recorded in November.