Barney Na Tangoz gets nominated for the first time

Namibian upcoming artists Kaneth Oscar Gariseb and Tangiinge Andjaba, better known as Barney Na Tangoz who joined hands in 2014 to do music, have been nominated for The Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA) in the best Kwaito category with their first ever perfect duet titled ‘call on my name’ from their ‘Lost Angels’ debut Album.

The two young artists told The Villager Newspaper that it has always been their dream to be part of the yearly immense event that gives exposure opportunities to upcoming artists.

Tangoz said, “ It has always been my dream to be part of the NAMA’s, at the beginning when I heard that we will be part of this year’s nominations I thought it’s a lie, it took some time for me to fi nally believe that we have been selected in the Best Kwaito Category.”

With The Kwaito Category being dominated by artists such as Mushe, The Dogg and Gazza in the past, this proves that the NAMA’s is defi nitely moving into the right direction by giving a chance to the upcoming cats to eventually get a piece from the cake. Barney Na Tangoz will be competing against artists such Young T, Satlam and Mjay, Nyangaz and the Multi-Talented in the Kwaito category. With Namibian groups starting music together and breaking up few years after, Tangoz admits that being on a music group in Namibia does not really last but also explained that the two will continue doing music together and quitting is not an option.

“We do fi ght and we disagree but we have learned to talk about certain issues that are likely to cause us to break up, I had several encounters where I feel like going on my own but then I think of how I would have to start over again, in fact Barney is older than me so he is more like my big brother now when he speaks I listen,” he said.

One would believe that it took two youngsters with a dream, passion and drive to create a sound which could not only contribute to the Namibian Music Industry but also entertain the Kwaito lovers with something different.

The Group further revealed that they are working on their second album which would be launched late this year titled ‘Integrity’ the album will have songs with a strong message that speaks about the struggle they go through on a daily basis as upcoming artist in the music Industry.

Barney expressed his enthusiasm of being part of the NAMA’ saying that, “it is a good feeling to know that people actually do appreciate our music and an encouragement to continue working hard.” He also explained that he approached Tangoz for collaboration on his track and that is how they realised that their voices are good together.

“When we did the song together a lot of people came to us and said why don’t you guys just become one, people like the Magogo’s where people who encouraged us to just start singing together as a group,” Tangoz said. Barney’s inspiration comes from his Dad while Tangoz was inspired by international late kwaito legend Mandoza though he looks up to people like Gazza and The Dogg as well as Sunny Boy.