When death beckons


martin Links, 48, of Mariental had spent hours flagging down lifts in Rehoboth before a truck carrying cattle picked him up on Friday night last week.

But about 900m down the road, the truck was involved in an accident with another truck carrying fish fillets from South Africa and Links died on the spot while both drivers sustained injuries.

The driver of the cattle truck, Romano Cloete is admitted at the St.Mary’s Hospital where he is still under medical observation.

According to the police he was so badly swollen and was only able to peep through one of his eyes, and could therefore not give an account of the accident.

It is suspected that the strong rains that day may have contributed to the vehicles swerving off their lanes.

“The cause of the accident was that none of these trucks drove in their respective lanes, and were coming from different directions.

“The road was also very wet since it had rained very hard just a few hours before the accident. This could have caused the vehicles to skid out of lanes,” says Adjutant Petrus Husselman of Rehoboth Police Station.

According to Adjutant Goaguseb, an investigation is yet to be launched to determine the cause of the accident.

He further mentioned that a case of culpable homocide will be opened against any driver found to be on the wrong.