New Procurement Board members revealed ... as Patrick Swartz lands position of chairperson

The Villager Newspaper can reveal that nine people have been appointed to the new Procurement Board, with the out-going tender board deputy chairperson Patrick Swartz as the new chairperson and Lischen Ramakutla as deputy chairperson.

The new procurement board will take over the tasks of the outgoing Tender Board as from 1 April this year, in handling government contracting as primary authority.

The successful candidates were called into an urgent meeting this morning to part take in the last sit-down of the out-going tender board, which also included the election of the top positions for the new board.

The top positions of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are the only positions that require service on a full time basis. Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein is scheduled to introduce the names of the new procurement board members in parliament today.

The new members are, Patrick Swartz, Lischen Ramakutla, Jerry Muadinohamba, Mansueta-Maria Nakale, Maria Iyambo, Shilongo Epafras, Hendrik Loftie-Eaton, Hilya Nandago, and Titus Ndove. The interests of the state on the new board will be represented by Ndove of the Ministry of Finance who was the last addition to make a 5 men and 4 women team for the new board.

It is understood that the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance Ericah Shafudah during the interviews showed favour for Swartz to land the top job as the Chairperson while the panel of interviewers opted for Muadinohamba who recorded the highest score on the list of candidates.

The Villager also learned that Office of the Prime Minister's Permanent Secretary Nangula Mbako also showed interest in Nakale for the top position of chairperson.

There is an unconfirmed rumour that Swartz who landed position of the chairperson is not a Swapo Party carrying member, which initially cast doubt on whether the top position should be held by a candidate who is not inclined to Swapo oriented politics.

The Villager will update this story at it progresses today.