The Goddess still going strong

99 FM’s languid voice, Che “The Goddess” Ulenga is flying high and going stronger and it seems 11 years of radio experience has only moulded her presenting prowess to near blockbuster perfection.

Ulenga, one of the Namibian presenters who have left footprints in the radio and television production world, continues to make available factual information to her listeners and making her fans stay glued to their radio’s, providing them with the best music to groove on, The Villager reveals.

Full Name: Che Ulenga

Stage Name: Che the Goddess

Relationship status: In a four year relationship

Occupation: Radio personality

When did you join the media industry?

It has been eleven years now that I have been on radio, I started in 2006 and I had just given birth to my son and he was a year old and there was an opportunity to become part of the radio industry and I had no idea on what to when one goes on radio so after that I became hooked.

How is radio presenting so far?

It has been good but it is a very challenging industry because you need to educate yourself to be able to give the right and factual information to the listeners but it is also very fun but you need to be very careful because one can become very egotistical.

What do you think is lacking in the entertainment industry?

Oh! My gosh, there is a lot of things missing, Unity is missing jeni!! Radio presenters don’t even chill together everybody just chill with their own people, you now their little click and I am just like Hallo!! We all go to the same event, we broadcast the same things so we might as well become one, except not mentioning each other’s radio stations names on other frequencies but there is just so much missing.

What’s new that you are doing, everyone knows you as Che the radio presenter but what are you doing beside that?

Still doing the same.

According to your observation, do you think that the Namibian music Industry is at point where it can compete on the international market?

We have so much potential and talent but those two factors is only 50 percent of what an artist should need, besides that they need to be innovative, have the necessary skills and be disciplined.

What is wrong with Namibian men these days?

UUU Vader!!! I will be killed for my answer, but I would say Namibian men have given up on putting in the extra effort eish!! Niggas will take you to Eveline Street and call it a date, they have also forgotten how to love there is no originality in their way approach girls and they need to rejuvenate their passion for romance.

How are you so confident on stage?

If only you knew my friend, before very single gig I become nervous it doesn’t matter how long you have prepared but then I am human I will eventually get nervous but I prepare myself mentally but believing that I am good at this, confidence is the way to go.

What are the weird tendencies you have?

Sometimes I talk to myself, ha-ha. But isn’t it normal to talk to yourself. What is your favoured meal? Smiley (Goat head) I love my smiley especially from Otjikaendu restaurant and Mopani worms.

How would you advice young women out there that aspires to major into the media industry not to give up?

Experience and explore your country as much as you can and constantly read and just be you, be real!!! What is the worst song you have ever heard? A song by this Paris Hilton girl but I forgot the title.