The return of Dore

Lando Maymona AKA Omkwaita Dore is back! He exclusively told The Villager Metro in an interview that he is soon to grace the music scene with his tuneful rap music.

Dore’s new album title “Decolonize the Apartheid System is set to drop soon.

“I am returning to the industry only to burn down ignorance and foolishness and rather inform, educate and entertain. In the name of Black Consciousness, we will overcome this poverty, tribalism and nepotism if we Decolonise the Apartheid System mentally, socially, spiritually, politically and economical” said Dore. The realist of them all joined the music industry in 2000 and featured with Gazza on the back then popular reggae track Moving The Roads of Namibia.

Full Name: Lando Kashinda Shindinyu Salvador Maymona

Stage Name: Omkwiata Dore

Relationship status: Personal

Occupation: Artist, Teacher, Tutor, Family Literacy Promoter

Describe yourself in two words Loving & caring

What have you been up to?

Studied at the College of Arts where I was elected as SRC president for the African applied performance department.

Former Nanso NEC member. Did My B.A degree at Unam.Completed my Family Literacy program with the Ministry of Education. Raising up my children, teaching and guiding/council my children and my learners.

When did you discover your passion for music?

Ever since the Apartheid oppression was visible to me as a black Namibian child. At Khomasdal Primary School a learner who came from Cape Town introduce rap and beat box to me I love it because it gave me the power to speak for myself, my community as well as the nation and continent at large.

Why did you stop doing music?

I never stopped I just had other obligations besides music. Remember you always have to do something for God and his Kingdom .

So I decided to fi rst teach to inform, educate the nation of God then entertain them productively and constructively. Power to the Black People!

What has been your worst stage blunder?

My performance been cut because of power circle groups who don’t want Dore to spread the true gospel of Black Consciousness that will empower and emancipate the minds of the Namibian Youth.

What is your favorite meal?

Pap & meat/Fruits & Vegetables Where would your holiday destination be and why? Any Namibian Wildlife Resort I Love my Country.

Give us an insight on your teaching profession.

Every school I have been invited to do educational motivational speeches’ or teach turn out to do well for e.g. Kuisebmund Secondary School, Immanuel Ruiters,Kuisebmund Primary School,!Naras Primary School and Tutaleni School check the results numbers don’t lie Erongo region did the best in Namibia.

As part of my own personal social contribution towards my beloved country, I conduct private after school classes weekly in Walvis Bay for learners grade 1 -9 at The Multipurpose Center Kuisebmund.

I know that nobody is perfect only hard work that pays off that’s I always strive to be an excellent teacher with my learner passing rate of 99% annually.

If your child is in my class room be guaranteed he or she will archive the learner objective and complete all basic competencies with productive character building most of the learners that I teach archive price giving or pass on to the next grade.

What inspires you to keep working so hard?

The desire to live in a loving, peaceful, constructive and productive community/region/town/country Where No Namibian will be Left Behind.

What qualities do you look for in a woman?

Every Black woman is unique, with they own personality/character/ shape and size. So all I will look for is Honesty/ Respect/Love /kind & Caring/Companionship

What phrases or sayings have gotten you through the darkest times in life?

Long live the Chief and Power to the Black People humble yourself and say your prayers because Blessings is coming my way whatever I need I already have all I have to do is a clean and pure meditation. You don’t now you know I’ve seen God is good all the time and all the time God is great.

What is your all-time collaboration favorite?

Dore and the Music Makers Band of 1999 with Willy Mbweunde.

From amongst the female artists, who is your favorite?

Adora, Tequila, Oteya, Frieda and Lady May

What do you think is eating away at creativity in the entertainment or music industry?

First of all there is no music industry just us who started by representing who we are as Namibian artist through the NBC Music Makers platform of 1999.

Tribalism, jealousy and Nepotism is demoting the creativity of artist who are truly creative and productive like Dore. We want to know what you are planning on doing this year, personal and professional achievements. Promote the importance of Black Consciousness and teach Black people of who we are, advocate and campaign on the importance of education ECD/Family Literacy.

What advice would you give to aspiring musician?

First of all do a proper research read and look for what you see where you can contribute and promote the importance of Black Consciousness/Culture and Tradition.For the social and economic benefi t of the Black people remember that No Black Namibian should be left behind. Be a parent and not a super star to your children, family members, community and Friends. Be mindful as to what you are recording. Let’s build the nation productively and peacefully through our creative art work it’s for generations to come, you would want them to be proud of your work and not regret it.