LetÔÇÖs challenge ourselves as Leaders-Geingob

President Hage Geingob has called for the SWAPO Party leadership to take on the task of uniting the nation as flames of tribalism around issues of ancestral land continue to flare up.

Speaking at the meeting of the SWAPO Party Politburo, the president who is currently running with the watchword of “rededication”, repeated the same catchphrase as a sure way to eradicate many of the problems gripping the nation. “Comrades, this year 2017, let us challenge ourselves as leaders, as cadres, as functionaries to reignite the entire Namibia with flames of unity and patriotism,” he said.

The president’s words come at a time when divisions seem to rock the revolutionary party especially in charting the map on how to tackle the issue of land. This past week, insults have been hurled right in Parliament, while the tribalism card has been used to discredit the agenda on land reform.

Geingob’s calls for unity also come in the wake of tribal cashes having been in the media in some parts of Namibia recently with the police quickly intervening. “Let us rededicate ourselves to foster a sense of common purpose and collective destiny among Namibian people,” said the President. He also called upon the need for close cooperation with the private sector as a way of generating party funds to counter operational glitches.

“Let us rededicate ourselves to establish companies, close corporations and any other business organisation, either wholly owned by the party or the party in partnership with either organizations or institutions with the view to generating funds necessary to ensure the smooth function and operations of the party,” he also said.

He further touched on the need for party investment in viable business ventures calling on the need for self-reliance as well as the uplifting of the people’s life standards. “Let us rededicate ourselves to promote accelerated economic development and to create a balance and interlink ages between the primary and secondary sectors of our economy in order to promote self reliance and the upliftment of the standard of living of the vast majority of the Namibian people,” he said.

In his speech, the president further emphasized that Namibia has a fundamental role to play in promoting world peace and security while advancing the cause of the African Union.