Kavax ÔÇÿThe black ChineseÔÇÖ a man of many coats

Lewis Kapofi, also known as Kavax, is a man of many colours. Not only is he a reputable artist, but perhaps one who has managed to balance his music together with a cocktail of challenging obligations.

Apart from being a well-established musician, the ambitious artist is a full time accountant, a businessman, a Masters in Accounting and Finance student and still has time to give back to the community through his Better Day Foundation. Kavax, who calls himself the ‘The Black Chinese - because of his hard work, dedication and ambition for success - runs a successful property business. To date, he has more than 10 properties including residential flats and houses in Windhoek.

He also buys property to sell and land for construction purposes. Kavax said he has managed to run an emerging empire while still remaining true to his musical passion “I have dedicated all my energy and efforts to my businesses because I have been putting all my investments in this sector and want to enhance and grow my wealth,” said the down-to-earth entrepreneur.

He also has a renovation company that improves broken, damaged and outdated structures across the city and an amplifier system that’s hired out and used at different events. Additionally he is the founder of Better Days Foundation together with his partner Wilbard Hadula, which has a Soup Kitchen that feeds 1000 children every Friday and Saturday in Havana. The foundation also has a trust for people living with disability that donates wheel-chairs to children in need and an education fund that assists Grade 10 learners with examination fee as well as few students with registration fee.

An accountant with a Bachelor of Technology in Accounting and Finance, Kavax is currently working on his Masters in Accounting and Finance. “For the past 10 years I have been sleeping 02h00. I have been working as an accountant for the past 18 years and it requires me to be full time in the office. “After knocking off, I go to the University of Science and Technology for classes. I will be graduating in April. “After that I go to oversee at the construction sites. I also run four businesses. I still make time to hit the studio and record,” explained Kavax.

Kavax recently released his 5th album titled ‘The Black Chinese’ which has a mix of different sounds as he collaborates with various local and international artists. “It came to my attention after the album was released that it only consist of party songs and being a Christian, I decided to record 4 gospel tracks which will be added to the new CD’s that are currently at print.”

The new album will be having 18 tracks and is produced by Elvo, Arafath, Pondi and South Africa’s Dj Style who produced 70% of the album. Local features were Neslow and Pondi and internationally he featured South African artists, Overgrazing, Spike and ODCY who also produced few tracks on the album. “The album launch is going to be in Rundu, Omafo and Enduja in Ohangwena region this month and lastly in Windhoek at the Warehouse Theatre,”he said.

The Black Chinese is also the name of his record label that has a dancing crew. He is currently negotiating with two artists whom he wants to sign. In addition, Kavax is also a motivational speaker. He talks to employees at different financial institutions on issues of risk management, fraud and work-related behavioural conduct. The musician, accountant, motivational speaker, businessman is indeed a man of many coats who does not stop at anything to wear them with a mixture of pomp and passion.