Dennis Hendricks keeps escalating

The Fashion industry in Namibia is so stagnant and hardly produces top notch models but those that make it, keep escalating and reaching for greater heights of which Dennis Hendricks is most definitely one of them. Commercial model, a photographer, Face of Southern African Development Community (SADC) winner 2014 to 2015, model ambassador for SADC countries 2014-2015, cover magazine for Namsprom magazine, actor in 2015 Uushimba movies, featured model on Telecom-Namibia Billboards for advertising are few of his many achievements. In an interview with the Villager Metro he said: “I come into the industry when Namibia was really dark in terms of modelling, by then models were not paid and the industry had very few black, male models so I took it upon myself as a challenge and joined the industry. What has really gotten me thus far is patience.” The well accomplished model is signed under a United Kingdom based agency namely, Model Management Agency.

Name: Dennis Hendricks

Age: unknown

Occupation: Marketing and a freelance model

Relationship status: Taken

Describe yourself in a two words?

Humble and adventures

When did you start your modelling career?

When I was scouted in 1999 and until then the rest was history.

What has been your most embarrassing moment in life?

When I went on call casting for a movie role and completely went blank because I could not remember my line for the script.

Who is the one person that you have met that has given you a different prospective on life?

Ken Arlidge – The director and producer of an international film company. Dennis Hendricks keeps escalating He scouted me and give me my first international exposure, with an advert that I did for the Reebok .We have reminded close ever since, he has taught me that one never gives up on their dreams and in this world we only live once, so you make the most of it.

Which international model do you look up to?

Tyson Beckford, Amilna- Estevao.

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Dog because they are a man’s best friend.

What is your favourite meal?

Beef and caulis, mash shepherd’s pie and a grilled chicken salad with sundried tomatoes and ranch dressing.

Where would your holiday destination be and why?

In the heart of Africa. Ghana because of its rich roots, culture and the country’s history.

What are your hobbies?

Modelling, photographic, Sport such as athletics sprinting running, gym. Exercises and PC- games.

Who is you favourite local designer?

Lafika Joyce and Nikola Conradie they are such an inspiration and both their work of art is epic.

What inspires you to keep working so hard?

The hustle is real. As for me, knowing I can make a difference in someone’s life. And my kids inspire me to work hard.

What do you think could be done to help better the modelling sector in Namibia?

The facts the fashion council of Namibia is now in place, there’s hope.

What’s important is the private sector; they need to help overcome market failures. The government also need to get involved we are left out. We need to pay attention to our own local designers as well as the models and stop exploiting them and pay the right amount for their work.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Locally and internationally will be Selma T Usiku. If you were stuck on a boat with Steven Ludik, Paulina Malulu, Luis Munana and Steffi van Wyk and you had to eat two of them to survive, who would you plot with and who are the two people you would eat? I would most definitely plot with Steffi van Wyk. I will eat up Steven Ludik and Luis Manana to survive. That’s what’s up niggas, I am a G!

What qualities do you look for in a potential wifey material?

She must be beautiful inside and out, God fearing and kind. What is your favourite colour?

Brown and black.

What advice would you give to people with an interest in modelling?

Honest truth is that, the industry can be very ugly. When you in, you are your own guide and you have choices to make, you have to decide on what is good for you or what is not .Some survive and the rest quit. When I started I had it the hard way and it was never easy. The vision I had from day one when I started kept me on the drive, and the passion as well. People out there will break you down but you need to stand your ground because critics and the public can be very harsh. God is your best guide, put him first and fore most he is a creator above all things. It’s also a short lived career but once you have the opportunity make the most of it.