Stop the cowards from indecently assaulting Namibia

With the Swapo Party elective congress coming this year, the circus will be arriving in town. This is the time when even the quietest of them all; those who spend years dozing in parliament stir to life.

But more interesting this year is the advent of kingmakers in form of socalled business people who wield so much financial muscle such that they think they can sway public opinion. Not that this is the first time such a thing is happening, but that this year’s coterie is a mixture of former arch enemies who fought each other in the open in 2012.

They are congregating to reset the Swapo Party and reposition themselves for more lucre. Those who swung their butts in 2012 with the hope of being rewarded when President Hage Geingob assumed office have realised that there is nothing for them, while those who never supported Geingob and never made a secret of their hatred have found playmates in the game.

One commonality with these kingmakers is their ages. They are around 40 and 50s. Some of them never threw even a single stone at the South African Defence Forces in protest. They were busy breaking into parked vehicles and stealing small items, while some were loitering in the streets of Katutura. There are others whose political backgrounds are murky like sewage water. These are among those who call others hibernators and such other names.

These are the people who want to play kingmakers in Swapo using the money they got from the government. The truth is that such so-called business people are not fighting against Geingob or his administration but are trying to keep the poor out of this country’s wealth forever. They want to keep on benefitting alone while the majority of Namibians are wallowing in poverty.

Among those who are trying to play kingmakers are people who are known to have gotten away with dubious tenders. Geingob’s crime is asking why one man can have 90% of government tenders? Others too thought they could have their way in getting oil deals and many other deals to enrich themselves more. It did not happen and they are back now – congregating to restructure the party and reposition themselves. If they succeed, the biggest losers will be the common man who gets a taxi every day from Havana.

The cleaner who stays in a shack in Okahandja Park and is struggling to fend for five children will still be used as a mat by the greedy so-called business people playing kingmakers. If one looks at most if not all of the so-called business people, they do not pay their workers well. There are no benefits too such as medical aid or pension.

Yet these are the people who claim that if they get contracts, they will create jobs. What is happening simply shows that politics is a game of cowards. The secret meetings being held and the fact that nobody is being man enough to show their faces is a sign of cowardice. One wonders why adults still act like spoilt brats who whine and whimper simply because they have been denied what they consider to be their fortunes.

This shamelessness comes even when some of these heartless men have milked the country dry. It is a pity that they still want to milk the country some more. They have made lots of money from fishing quotas and construction but none of them have gone out of their way to do even a single thing for the poor. Instead, all they do is buy expensive German cars and spend time drinking expensive liquors. There is never a time when such people will be satisfied with what they have already got.

Their wish is to see the whole country kneeling before them as if they created people. While many are squatting on dry, stony lands, some of these men have bought for themselves seven farms each. The question is what are they doing with those farms? Their girlfriends can buy beers for a whole bar without even thinking twice while families in this country are going to bed hungry.

There are children whose parents have not been fortunate enough to be close to the action where money is made. Such people find it difficult to send their children to school. Yet some of these men who consider themselves kingmakers are rinsing the country dry. In addition, they even want more and now that they cannot get more, they want to tip over the apple cart. These men may have done this kind of thing before, but now should be the time they are stopped or fed their own medicine.

They should not be allowed to hold the whole nation at ransom just because their pockets are emptying up. At least, they should be made to understand what it means to be poor. In any case, most of them grew up in poverty and because they do not understand how to use money, they are headed for where they started. The elders in Swapo must never allow these small boys to call the shots and divide the party. Namibia is already on the edge what with the land issue and the economy that need attention.

Of course, there will be some idiots of elders who will have their eyes on money. These may be swayed just like there have been some who sold out the struggle before. These too must not be allowed to mislead this nation. Without repeating the call about maintaining peace, stopping these misguided missile means protecting the country from corrupt and cruel people who serve their own interests at the expense of the majority. This should not be allowed to continue.

Do not let these misguided individuals indecently assault Namibia and get away with it. If they could not run their small companies to fruition, who in their rightful senses would think they can run a country or let alone pick somebody who can run this country? Some of them can’t even maintain a romantic relationship and then they think they have the formulae to run an economy and a country. It is time such people who are raping the country are called to order.