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DJ Alba takes on the male-dominated industry

Fri, 20 January 2017 15:53
by Staff writer

After getting an opportunity to kick-start her dream career at the Windhoek Show Grounds at Doctatainments’ first anniversary, disc jockey Alba Hamukwaya, also known by her stage name, DJ Alba, stopping at nothing to stay in the limelight.
In an interview with The Villager Metro, the energetic 25-year old DJ said: “I draw my inspiration from DJ Juicy M, Black Coffee and DJ Shimza”.
Since debuting in the industry DJ Alba is proud to have shared the stage with some of the top notch artists, including Casper Nyovest, Sally, Gazza, PDK, DJ Tira and DJ Maphorisa, amongst others.
Full Name: Alba Hamukwaya
Stage Name: DJ Alba
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: DJ and Business development assistant
Describe yourself in two words.
Introvert, extrovert
When did you discover your passion for music?
 I cannot really pinpoint when. I have been obsessed with music ever since I can remember.
What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage?
When I finally collected some courage to sing in front of a huge crowd but ended up having a nervous breakdown right in the middle of the song. Never sung in front of anyone since then, lol.
Who is your celebrity crush, locally and international?
Locally, I know him personally so it will be awkward if I mention him, lol. Internationally it will be Tekno, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, his work ethic is amazing.
What is your favourite meal?
Salmon salad with fruits from Piccolos.
Where would your holiday destination be and why?
Tokyo, I am fascinated by the Japanese culture.
What special talent do you have that your fans don’t know about?
I love sketching.  
Who is the one person that you have met that has given you a different outlook on life?
Kp Illest. He has this thing of adding humor to everything, and that is when I thought: ya man!! this is what life should be about; more laughter and less drama.
Which has been your biggest gig thus far?
Filling up Kuisebmund Stadium with South African recording artists Cassper Nyovest
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs
If you had a chance to do anything else besides music what would it be and why?
Being a sprinter. I always loved athletics growing up, with my short legs I was actually fast back then.
What inspires you to keep working so hard?
My siblings and my Mom. They are the ones who believe in me more than anyone. I don’t want to let them down
If you were stuck on a boat with Gazza, Kanibal, Blossom and Sally and you had to eat two of them, who would you plot with and who are the two people you would eat?
I will plot with Gazza and Sally and eat Kanibal and Blossom
What qualities do you look for in a man?
A guy who is down to earth and has a crazy sense of humor, hardworking would be the cherry on top. I honestly hate lazy guys.
What phrases or sayings have gotten you through the darkest times in life?
“No matter what, you have to keep the train moving, never give up on yourself”.
What advice would you give to aspiring DJ especially female DJ’s?
They should start Djying for the right reasons. It is not easy being in the DJ industry. One can easy get swallowed by it, so basically you have to grow a tough skin.