Mushe on a Million Dollar Mission

Local and well accomplished musician Mushe, real name Albert Uulenga, who is popular known for his hit songs such as Thought it’s You and Onghalemwenyo has embarked on an exciting, new endeavor where he has decided to focus on business with the sole goal of saving up millions of dollars.
The state of piracy and the number of illegal album copies is on an increase in the country, which is very depressing and slowly killing the industry as artists are left with not much of an option but to seek for survival and secure a living in other sectors.
Mushe currently own one of the famous pubs in Ondangwa known as Omunangeshefa Pub and a Construction company.
When The Villager Metro caught up with him, he exclusively revealed that he has been putting more focus on his business as equated to music because music does not sell anymore.
“I have a million dollar mission” said the ambitious artist before explaining his plans.
“I am operating on phases, it’s safe to say that phase one is slightly out of the way, which is the Omunngeshefa Pub, it’s up and running smoothly. However by the end of February I will be opening another pub in Ondangwa as well which I have built myself with my construction company.
Phase two will focus on guestrooms and a conference hall plus a recreational type of entertainment area. The lounge, VIP areas for the Pubs and Mini Market is part of phase three. While building a warehouse for storage, up to standard flats, building and opening a service station is part of phase 4.
Thus far the pub and some flats is done but more are to be built, the only challenge is the economy which is down, we would have been far but the money that is not in the country is slowing down the pace a little but we are progressing.
The man with the million dollars mission stressed that music as a money generating industry was good back then but it has totally dried out now.
“I remember buying my first car which was an Audi with money from my first solo album but we do not sell music anymore, piracy is too high. For instance if an artist releases a single today, the next day its circulating on everybody’s Whatsapp so at the end of the day the artists do not get anything from the song and the whole nature of business is for the artist to make money out of the single” said Mushe.
He further pointed out that when an artist release an album, just the day the album is dropped, majority of the juke boxes already have fake copies of the album. Hence even if an artist does good and quality music which can be in demand, loss is still made because people get hold of the fake Cd’s.
What’s even more frustrating is the fact that NASCAM is not really doing anything to curve this matter. All NASCAM does is go claim their N$300 from Jukebox owners without inspecting the Cd’s in the jukebox to see whether they are the original ones.  
“The music industry is going down because we are not encouraged to do music anymore, we are not releasing hits as we are discouraged to spend more time in the studio, judging from back then when artists were releasing hi songs that would go viral the likes of Gazza with Koko, Eliko by Killa B, Marry Me by Tequila and Bojo Mojo, Go to Malawi by Exit those were hits that played across the country on original CDs which seize to happen now.”
Mushe further explained that “The only money artists really make now is through shows but even shows are not paying as they use to anymore, the organisers would try to negotiate with you and bring you from N$15000 to as little as N$7000.
It’s a bit hard at a point I was planning on looking for a job at City of Windhoek or any other Municipality because am a graduate in Plumbing and Pipe fixing from Vocational Training Centre (VTC) but figured later that I should rather make a living out of my businesses.