The AR Deception

The opening of this opus scribe draws me to one A.R Bernard, the pastor of the Christian Cultural Centre Mega church in Brooklyn, New York.
This is not so much for the fact that the clergyman’s initials bear a resemblance to the group I have ‘Final Thoughts’ on this week, but rather what he said once.
Good old A.R Bernard once said: “Patience is a secret weapon that forces deception to reveal itself.”  
It is safe to say that the AR and its leadership’s sun, after galvanising the political scene with its unrivalled blitz of bravado, theatrics, shameless naming and shaming of individuals and groups and in the process garnering the loyalty of rabid followers in its short period of existence, is setting, if it hadn’t already.  
Any impartial individual, having studied the dynamics around the AR and its leadership, wouldn’t help but see that the hyperbolic level of hypocrisy they have flaunted over the course of 2016 is rather mindboggling.
It begs one question: Having sung, danced and clapped your hands into the apex of a political party, at what point does one decides to stop singing, dancing and clapping hands and embark on a tirade of malarkey, disproportionately chastising those who still do?
The AR leadership used to clap hands and sing songs for Swapo and then spent the bigger part of 2016 mobilising the youth to clap hands and sing songs for them! They call others hand-clappers and zombies when in reality it is what they used to be and still are.
One thing is for sure though; AR has lost its credibility and dominance among the youth. In months leading to the end of the year, its leadership became directionless, lacked cohesion and relevant subject matter.
The AR was established as a movement within Swapo to undermine government efforts while being led by a young leader – an academic of some sorts - with a strategic position at one of the country’s high educational institutions to poison the minds of the students.
This young man has a strategic position to infiltrate movements such as Namibia National Students Organisation and the Namibia National Teachers Union and push an anti-establishment agenda.   
The AR leadership once perceived as a ‘Land Vanguard’ that advocated for the landless and as acted as the voice of the landless is nothing but a group of greedy youths seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses.  
While pretending to clumsily fight for land against the “political elite” which ironically they are part of, they are busy acquiring land for themselves during the night.
While they criticise Chinese dominance during day, they are busy signing business partnerships and deals under the table with the same Chinese.
While seeming to fight the habit of politicians being board members of many parastatals, by night their compatriots are attending meetings as board members of various parastatals. The question is who is fooling who?
 Only those who have been brainwashed, are blind, less informed and myopic will still believe the AR leadership after they forced several municipalities to sneak in their names on the housing lists.
They have also signed business deals in a short period of time.
Majority of Namibian youths are starting to see AR’s twisted agenda against the government and its despicable pursuit of self-enrichment.
In a short period of time, the deception has revealed itself.