Appointment of new Members of the Board of Juventas Enterprises (Pty) Limited

The Swapo Party Youth League - SPYL has appointed new members of the board of directors for one of its business arms, Juventus Enterprises (Pty) Limited.

The appointed comrades are drawn from various sectors with a diverse knowledge in assisting the company to ensure the realization of the aims and objectives of the youth wing and that of the Swapo Party.

On behalf of Juventas Enterprises (Pty) Limited, and in view of the Swapo Party constitutional principle, the nation is now informed that the shareholders of the company have appointed the following comrades as directors of the Company’s board of directors during the Annual General Meeting of the company held on 1st October 2016:

1. Cde. Tommy Nambahu - Chairperson (Re-appointed)

2. Cde. Escher Luanda - GIPF (Re-appointed)

3. Cde. Hilma Iipumbu - SPYL Central Committee

4. Cde. John Uusiku - Namfisa

5. Cde. Merlene Ghandi Hoebes - UNAM

6. Cde. Raulin Moesie Gomachas - NTB

The appointment as directors takes effect from 17 October 2016 till 17 October 2019. The SPYL has confidence in the new board members to effectively discharge their duties as a Board member of Juventas Enterprises (Pty) Limited. Furthermore the SPYL leadership has extended its most sincere appreciation to the previous board members. There is no doubt that it would not have been the success of Juventus Enterprises that it was without them. Your Cooperation with the new board will be highly appreciated.

Issued by Tomas Koneka Iindji, Secretary for Economic Affairs