Till we meet again

It is that time of the year again when we the curtain comes down on another year in which we had mixed results that saw some of the national set goals achieved while other simply remain plans.

Perhaps this year could be summed up as one of the most challenging years financially that saw Government being hit hard by a liquidity crunch that and minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein was prompted to shelf projects that were not a priority and also to tighten the noose on those that do not pay their dues to the tax man.

Whatever was not achieved this year we certainly hope becomes a priority in the forthcoming year. In essence, this season is associated with giving and sharing with the less fortunate. Indeed in the name of no one being left out we believe that those privileged Namibians should take a portion of what they have and share with the ‘do not have’ in the spirit of Christmas.

It is imperative that we remember that with the festivities of the season comes the unfortunate scenarios of sad moments from our roads. We would like to urge those using our roads to travel to their different destinations to exercise extreme caution on the roads in the spirit of preserving lives. Indeed it is better to be late than be the late. 

We would like to challenge the Namibian police to be on high alert on the highways and make sure that those that do not respect lives of their passengers or other road users are brought to book. We cannot afford to lose any more lives on the roads and indeed one life lost through road accidents is one life too many.

We also want to welcome those that are going to join us for holidays in the Land of the Brave to enjoy the pristine beauty our country offers in abundance. In the spirit of the Land of the Brave, we say welcome. However we would also want to urge all our tourists and visitors to take the opportunity to enjoy the best offered by our country and eventually leave as our ambassadors who will go out and spread a good word about what Namibia has to offer.

Perhaps it should be imperative that the forthcoming year does not come as one of those that is filled with New Year’s resolutions but rather by genuine implementation of whatever plans have been coined in the past and make the country a prosperous nation.

One at a time the plans of individuals can easily be kitted to national plans that build a nation.

It is in the same vein that we would like to pay a special thank you to our advertisers and readers who have supported us throughout the year. We certainly hope that the forthcoming year continues to be an opportunity where we grow together and achieve dizzy heights. While we also hope for continued growth we join the nation in wishing both privileged and less privileged Namibians Merry X-mas and a prosperous new year.

And remember don’t litter. Keep Namibia. And save water. Water is life.

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