Northern CRIMES and COURTS

Boy dies from donkey cart accident

A six-year old boy died last week Wednesday after a donkey cart he was playing in fell on him.
The incident took place in the Okwanza Village in the Omuntele area of the Oshikoto region. According to a police report, the young child, who was out running errands with his grandmother, found an interest in a donkey cart that was parked near the house he was visiting along with his granny. He started playing on the cart by jumping in and out of it. In the process the child fell causing the cart to move and fall on top of him.

Man appears for fraud

In a rather bizarre turn of events, a man who was arrested at Oshakati where he was charged with fraud, CR 294/05/14, managed to withdraw an amount of N$214 238,70 from an account that did not belong to him over a lengthy period.
Paulus Julius who is a resident of Windhoek’s fraudulent ways caught up with him when he was reportedly arrested at the Oshakati Standard Bank Branch where he was traced by police after a case was logged against him in Windhoek.
He appeared in the Oshakati magistrate’s court last week.
It is alleged that Julius went to the bank claiming that his rightful ATM card has been retained by the machine. However, when he put in an application for a new one it turned out he gave a different name, which is of the rightful account holder, who is named Paavo Julius, a resident of Mondesa, Swakopmund.
While it is not clear as to how the bank could give Julius an ATM card in Paavo name without the proper documents to prove that he is the real owner of the card, it is alleged that Julius went on a cash withdrawal spree that went on since last week.
He managed to withdraw a total of N$214 238, 70 before the card was cancelled.
Julius then travelled to Oshakati and once again attempted a withdrawal from the same account. Unbeknownst to him however, the bank had received reports of case and the card was consequently frozen.
“He went again into the bank at Oshakati to try and re-apply for a new card. Unfortunately for him we had already been tipped off about his case and we were on his tail and we caught him red handed there in the bank,” said the police report.
Julius appeared in the Oshakati Magistrate Court where he was denied bail as investigations are ongoing and the case was remanded to December 15th 2016.

Man appears for assaulting baby mama

An Oshakati man appeared in the Oshakati magistrate’s court last week after threatening to deal with his girlfriend who is also a mother of his three-year old son.
Patrick Carlos from Evuluko location at Oshakati in the Oshana region appeared in the Oshakati magistrate’s court for the third time last week Wednesday before magistrate Helen Ekandjo after he was arrested and charged with wrongfully, unlawfully and maliciously assaulting of his girlfriend, Rauna Shinima.
Shinima, who was beaten to a pulp until she was unconscious, objected to Carlos being granted bail claiming she was afraid for her life as Carlos had threatened to deal with her if she does not ensure his release from custody as soon as possible.
Shinima said she has been in a relationship with Carlos since 2010 but in 2012 she tried to leave Carlos because of his constant assaults.
“I am so tired of that man and I believe he is going to kill me one day. I tried to leave him but he follows me everywhere. He beats me up for no reason all over my body by kicking and punching me. Once I even had to be hospitalized but he followed me to the hospital where he continued to threaten me, and said he beats me because of my stupidity when I have done nothing,” said Shinima.
Friends and neighbours of the couple who resided together at Evuluko, narrated how they have tried by all means to intervene when Carlos lashes out at his girlfriend but he just will not quit.
“We have taken that woman to the hospital after she suffered many beatings at the hands of Carlos but she would come back to him. It was only now when she was beaten unconsciously she saw the seriousness of the whole situation. She really cannot take that man back,” said a neighbour choosing anonymity.
“This is how women end up being murdered by their boyfriends. We are happy that she objected to Carlos bail application and the court has listened to her. Many women are reporting domestic violence cases just to turn around and withdraw the case days and weeks later. That cannot continue that is a playing with the law and their own lives. He must rot in prison and he shouldn’t be granted bail,” adds a family member of Shinima.
When asked by Magistrate Ekandjo why he assaults his girlfriend, Carlos told the court that Shinima is the one who looks for fights with him to begin with, and he just beats her as a way of retaliation.
The case was remanded to December 21 for plea and trail and for witnesses to be brought to court for testimony.