Fears of ritual killings grips northern village

An eleven year old mentally retarted boy spent three days in the homestead with the corpse of his grandmother lying outside in the sun.

He tried to get the neighbour’s attention to what has transpired in the homestead where he lived alone with his now deceased granny Kuku Rauna Shikongo (75) but no one paid him enough attention because he has impaired speech.

People can hardly ever make out the words that came out of his mouth whenever he spoke and that is how they have always known him.

It was only when another villager was walking past close to the late Kuku Shikongo’s homestead that he managed to get the attention of the boy screaming at the entrance to the homestead. 

The man followed the young boy inside and that was when the gruesome discovery of Kuku Shilongo’s mutilated corpse was discovered outside her kitchen hut in the scorching sun in the village of Onamavo in Ompundja.

She was lying on her back, the lower part of her face including her nose were missing, her private parts bleeding from mutiliation.

The incident happened on October 31st, on a Monday afternoon.   Neighbours say that was the last time they had seen Kuku Shilongo when she had gone to fetch water at the village communal taps earlier in the afternoon.

Word has gone around that there is a list of elderly women who are next to be subjected to the same death that Shikongo has succumbed to.

There is a dark shadow looming large of the communities if Onamavo, Egwantale, and Etilashi villages who now fear that satanic rituals for riches and killers are in their midst.

When The Villager visited the distant village, we were met by a group of children returning home from school. When asked to get on the vehicle for directions to Kuku Shikongo’s homestead, all the children declined to get on the vehicle.  A clear indication that everyone is wary of strangers and getting on their vehicles could spell trouble.

Finally after introducing myself two grade eight learners from Egwantale Combined School agreed to show us directions.

‘’This village is not safe, we are afraid of ritual killers, we cannot just get on the cars with strangers, there are ritual killings here, the way Kuku Shikongo died is through rituals and we have to be care full now.

Johannes Nghishidinbwa is a grandchild to the late Kuku Shikongo, he works and lives 30km’s away in Oshakati. 

“I received a phone call that Wednesday my grandmother was discovered while at work in Oshakati and immediately went to the police station where we got a police vehicle to drive to the village.  When I entered the homestead my grandmother was still lying where she had died. We was mutilated and it happened right in front of her grandson. Although his speech is impaired those of us who live in the house know how to listen to him and understand what he is saying. He told us that  three man entered the homestead and they started beating  my granny, then they used some sticks to beat her to death and they started cutting her. The police need to take these things serious and investigate and catch these people. It is not the first time people in this village have died in these mysterious ways. What is even more sad is the fact that our have this situation happening in our communities and none of our honourable councillors have come through to speak to the community,’’ Charged Nghishidimbwa.

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When Contacted for comment Oshana Commissioner for Nampol Rauha Amwele said she has not received the report of the incident as she was away on official duty.