Nam music makes history with beat auction

Beat making in Namibia is still facing challenges to break into the international markets despite improvement at home, Beat Auction Co-founder, William Shilamba, popularly known a Willy G, told The Villager Metro after a recent beat auction bash in the capital.
Beat auction aims at making Namibian music a sought after export commodity and strives to spread local music to all international corners.
“We (already) got international invites to host shows in New York (USA) and Cape Town (South Africa) thus far,” Willy G intoned.
However, the only thing preventing the team of eight music producers to go and showcase their graft outside the country this year was the lack of funds.
“We could not afford to buy air tickets to go but everything else such as accommodation and the auction venue was sorted” said Willy G before adding, “Everything we do with regards to the auction is self-funded. We do not have any major sponsors, especially from the corporate world.”
Speaking to The Villager Metro, Martin Amushendje aka Nasha Blaque, a producer in his own right and co-founder of the Beat Auction, confirmed that it has been a hustle getting finances for the team to take the proudly Namibian product known beyond the country’s borders.
 “A lack of funds hampers us to travel outside the country. For all the past events which we held we have been funding the auctions ourselves and we are looking into getting assistance in terms of funding from the corporate realm,” he told this reporter in an exclusive tete-a-tete.
This magnificent event came about when Willy G and his partner Nasha Blaque recently auctioned off beat tapes which consisted of a compilation of instrumentals.
The duo left it to the audience to decide through a public auction the worth of each beat tape instead of charging the normal going price range of between N$300 and N$500.
Meanwhile the fourth Beat Auction, which was held at the Warehouse theater on the 10th November 2016, left music lovers and club revelers amused and jived up as they listened to enjoyable ad entertaining  instrumentals by various artists.  
Beat auction have made it possible for individual producers to generate thousands per beat from a normal price of N$500.
This dream turned into a reality when Sam-E-Lee Jones scooped the highest biding with an amount of N$10 000 for one of his beats bought by Dlamau Hamaambo ‘Ice’ form the Cool Under Pressure record label.
This amount broke the record in the history of the Beat Auction with N$6 500 more from the recorded highest bidding being N$3 500 at the last auction.
Beat auction offers a prestigious platform for music producers to show case their material says Spadez, a producer who featured in the third Beat Auction.
This event can be considered to be a huge contributing factor in the Namibian music industry as it serves as an exhibition for producers to really show their work to people such as managers, artists, event organizers, record label owners and other producers, he added.
“The beat auction is a also a huge beneficial factor in terms of networking mobility whereby visitors from other countries who are industry moguls come to the Beat Auction in search of potential artists and producers” submits Spadez.
The third Beat Auction was held on the 26 May this year at the warehouse theatre, were Willy G and Nasha Blaque gave a platform to upcoming producers in order to introduce them to the market.
 It featured five upcoming and five established producers, the likes of R.U.K, Dj Flow, Ghengis Khan, Jeiyo, Static Playa, Kanibal, Chris Tonix, Dj Preezy and Spadez featured at the event.
The second auction was held on the 29th October2015 at JOJO’s Music & Arts Café, which featured producers such as Loudima Dreamer, Sam-E Lee Jones M.Z, Willy G and Nasha Blaque.
All beat auctions were hosted by Mathew Kapofi, Mappz who always brings out the much needed energy and hype.