Achievers donÔÇÖt beat their own drums

This week the Swapo Party held its policy conference in the capital headlined by the President Dr Hage Geingob, but alas, there seem to be a failure to recognise shortcomings that should be recognised.

According to the outcome of the conference, the ruling revolutionary party has achieved a 70% implementation rate of most of their recommendations made in 2012. 

The revolutionary party, among its targets had, to reduce the number of Namibians living under the poverty datum line and also making sure that the previously disadvantaged penetrate the economic strata and play a meaningful role in the development of the country and creation of jobs.

The ruling party also had a laid down plan to make sure that the land distribution is done in a manner that hastens the process to the satisfaction of the thousands of Namibians who need both the urban and commercial farming land.

Perhaps the ruling party coming up with a score of 70 out of 100 on whatever they intended to do, somewhat means that they do admit that the implementation rate was entirely unsatisfactory.

When you zoom in on to the land issue, which in most cases becomes emotive when mentioned, you can easily visualise that the thirst for the resource is high among Namibians and indeed more needs to be done to deal with it. 

Even the former President Hifikepunye Pohamba in one his interviews aired on Aljazeera towards the end of his reign confirmed how important the issue was.

Passing a personal judgement on what Swapo has achieved is tantamount to beating their own drum while the beneficiaries of work done are the ones that should be talking.

It is imperative to notice that while baby steps have been made to fight poverty and also to emancipate locals through NEF there is a mile to be walked to achieve the desired results. It is a cliché to mention that the country still rates among the most unequal societies in the world despite being abundantly blessed with the natural resources.

This is the sad reality that Swapo need to vanquish in future rather than expecting us to celebrate before the eggs hatched.

It is not an insult to mention that as a country we have not done what is needed to make sure that Namibians get both urban land to build a place to call home, nor have they received enough farming land to enable themselves to produce for subsistence.

It is also difficult to stomach that we are fast creating a society where a few affluent and noble black elites are replacing white monopoly capita through hijacking of public procurement system and leaving the bulk of Namibians impoverished.

In reality nothing has been done to emancipate the ordinary Namibian with either jobs or employment opportunities. 

It is not even necessary to mention the under-achievements in the education system where we have a dire need of moving from counting passes without assessing the quality of passes. 

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Namibia like any other country needs special skills in scientific and industrial related subjects and, put straight, we are not doing a decent job in producing these. Swapo as a ruling Government needs to introspect on their shortcomings in the past four years, admit that these are real, and not waste much time beating the chest, because poverty and inequality are real cancers that need a cure from the party’s fathers.