Northern Courts

Young man arrested over a fake N$100

A young man from Oshakati found himself on the wrong side of the law after he was sent to purchase a bottle of beer with an N$100 note.
Iyambo Petrus (22) was arrested last week and charged with fraud, CR 08/02/2016, after buying a beer with a fake bank note. When questioned he responded that the money was not his but that someone had sent him to make the purchase.
The incident happened at Tolitokini Bar at Sky Location in Oshakati West. According to court records Petrus entered the bar where he approached the bar tender with the note and asked for the beer. The lady tending the bar upon touching the note had noticed the feel of the note was not real and confronted Iyambo about it.
 “When I looked at the note I noticed it was a fake. I asked him why he was giving me a fake note. He replied that he was sent by his friend and then he demanded that I return the note to him. That was when I called the police to come and resolve the problem and they arrested him,” the bar tender told the court.
It was further discovered that there is a syndicate that goes from bar to bar using fake money to buy drinks in order to get real money when given change from their purchases with the intention to cash all their fake money in that manner.
Petrus was found guilty and granted a fine of N$2 000 or two years imprisonment.

Girl raped by cell phone chat mate

Mbalu Victor (37) appeared in the Oshakati Magistrates’ court on Tuesday where he was charged with of rape, CR 12/07/2016.
Victor is accused of raping a girl he has only been a cell phone chat mate with upon their first encounter. According to the court records the young girl who opened the rape case against Victor met with the suspect back in March this year. The two agreed to be in a romantic relationship while only having communicated through cell phone chatting.  They both resided in Ongwediva but never actually got to meet until that unfortunate day at the insistence of Victor.  
She said Victor invited her to his flat and she agreed to meet him. Before she could go, he however told her that there was a former girlfriend of his who would be coming by his flat to pick up her properties as he had ended the relationship with her abruptly.
He requested the young girl, whom he was to meet for the first time not, to be bothered about his ex-girlfriend.
‘’When I arrived at his flat I found him with his ex-girlfriend inside. That was in the afternoon on Saturday. We greeted each other politely and there were no issues throughout the day. When the night came it was time for us to sleep, we both slept on one bed but Victor put me in the middle,” the young girl narrated.
She added: “Sometime later in the night he started touching me and I was not happy with it and I expressed my unhappiness to him. He didn’t listen to me. He continued touching and he undressed me despite my protests, then he forcefully had sexual intercourse with me. I waited until the next morning then I reported the incident to the police because I did not agree for him to have sexual intercourse with me,” said the victim whose name cannot be mentioned due to fear of victimisation.

Notorious Congolese drug dealer arrested

A stolen cell phone search led to the arrest of a well-known notorious drug dealer in northern parts of the country.
Congolese national Bulakatho ‘’Kuku’’ Mvumbi has pleaded guilty to charges of possession of illicit drug, CR 157/10/2016.
He was arrested at Okandjengedhi residential area in Oshakati last week Saturday after police received a report that a cellular phone had been stolen at a bar where Mvumbi and his friends were drinking earlier. When police arrived Mvumbi had already left. However a witness alerted the police of the direction in which Mvumbi was last seen heading. The police caught up with the car which Mvumbi was driving but upon seeing the law enforcement officers, three passengers jumped from the vehicle and started walking into different directions, while Mvumbi was spotted walking towards a tree where police spotted him dropping a small package.
According to court documents one of the police officers approached Mvumbi and demanded to know what he had dropped by the tree.
“When I approached him and asked him to tell us what he had dropped he just asked why we are doing that to him as if we don’t know him. Of course, we know him. He is a well-known criminal. We went and picked up the package to discover it contained cannabis which was later weighed at 50 grams worth of N$150’’.
Mvumbi appeared at the Oshakati Magistrate’s court where upon questioning he pleaded guilty. The case is remanded to October 27th for conviction.