NQA accredits five institutions

The Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA) has accredited Centre (HRDC), Welwitchia Health Training Centre and Kambaku Lodge and safari CC.
The NQA also accredited the Institute of Information Technology (IIT) and AIMS who were re-accredited and given authority to expand their scope of programmes and sites. This brings the number of all accredited institutions by the NQA in Namibia to 44.
NQA grants accreditation to institutions who meet various requirements as per the provisions of gazzeted Regulations and Accreditation, requirements such as Employment of appropriate qualified staff, relevant courses and study materials, appropriate facilities and resources for students.
According to the number of accredited institutions in Namibia is on a steady increase.
Marketing and Communication Manager, Catherine Shipushu said, “Due to the fact that these institutions are not quality assured, it is impossible to validate the employability of graduates from such institutions.”
She added that, “These institutions’ qualifications will not be recognized by the NQA and qualifications obtained at unaccredited institutions in Namibia or elsewhere in the world are not recognized as legal and therefore hold no value.”
An accredited institution provides students with the assurance that the institutions have the capacity to deliver courses at an appropriate standard and that the qualification will likely be recognized by employers and other training providers.
The NQA provides a free service to assist the public in verifying the status of institutions and programme or course in Namibia and elsewhere in the world. A list of all accredited Namibian institutions can be found on the NQA website: www.namqa.org.
She added that the NQA is committed to ensuring that quality is entrenched in the Namibia education and training space.