SuspectsÔÇÖ facial expression threatens victim


Two teenage boys suspected to have raped a young girl in Okahandja Park informal residential area last year made another court appearance last week.
The mother of the victim pled with the court not to grant the suspects bail last year as they had allegedly made threats by frowning at the victim.
“The suspects were also threatening the children including my daughter through their facial expressions,” the mother told the court.
The mother of the victim said these incidents are common in their area.
The suspects, Shoombe Severini and Michael Ivans who live in the same street as the victim in Okahandja Park had allegedly raped her on 9 April last year. They then allegedly tried to rape the girl for the second time but did not succeed as the girl got away.
The suspects were apprehended that same day after the police had been called. Despite the mother’s plea, the boys were granted N$1000 bail. Magistrate Kauli Nghishitende postponed the case until 11 April this year.